Punchline gets into some serious trouble as she strikes out on her own in a variant cover for the upcoming one-shot by artist Jorge Jiménez.

“The Joker War” is over, but Punchline has more to deliver in Punchline #1. Set for release in November, this will be the character’s first solo book in an oversized 48-page one-shot that delves deeper into her history and psyche.

The variant cover by co-creator and artist Jorge Jiménez features a blood-splattered Punchline as she stands for a mug shot with a GCPD holding sign, looking unhappy and disheveled.

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Writer James Tynion IV announced that he had big plans for Punchline, and the one-shot will broaden her past and set her up for future stories. In this one-shot, Punchline will face the consequences of her actions in “The Joker War.” Her secret identity has been revealed as Alexis Kaye and the story will feature Leslie Thompkins, Harper Row and Cullen Row as it explores her radicalization by the ideology of a madman.

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In “The Joker War,” the Joker’s villainy reaches new heights when he discovers Batman’s secret identity. With that knowledge, his attacks become relentless and personal. He goes after the Dark Knight, Gotham City and those he holds most dear in his quest to end his greatest foe.

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Punchline stands by Joker’s side as as his field general and proves just how vicious and effective of an ally she can be, but she also has her own motives. In Batman #98 she reveals to Harley Quinn that her true mission is to rid Joker of Batman so he can refocus on the mission. The one-shot will cover the fallout from her actions in this war.

Punchline #1 arrives in open and operating comic book stores and participating digital retailers on Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2020.

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