Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Kim Kardashian has barely acknowledged Kanye West’s presidential run. What is the meaning behind her silence?

To the shock and ire of many, Kanye West is full speed ahead with his presidential campaign. And surprisingly, his wife Kim Kardashian West has barely been present for it. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star hasn’t shared his campaign video or promoted the campaign merchandise. Her sister Kourtney Kardashian did promote Kanye’s merch, and shared the video, both of which she got flack for. Kim’s only supportive comment appears to be a single tweet back on July 4th. Even then, she just retweeted Kanye’s campaign announcement with an American flag emoji.

Kim isn’t publicly supporting another candidate over Kanye. Instead, she is just encouraging fans to vote on her incredibly popular social media pages without mentioning any specific name. Unlike her sister Kylie Jenner, who briefly shared a post supporting Joe Biden before quickly deleting it. Considering Kim’s support of Kanye’s past endeavors, from his clothing line to his Sunday Service, her silence on the presidential campaign speaks volumes.

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Kim was absent at Kanye’s first (and only) campaign rally in July. There he made headlines for sharing an incredibly private story. The Grammy winner revealed he and Kim initially considered getting an abortion when expecting first daughter North. Kim was, understandably, enraged at this betrayal of trust, and at Kanye using their children to push his campaign. After the rally, paparazzi photos showed a clearly tense conversation between the two, with Kim obviously crying as she confronted her husband. Reports have also come out that Kim begged Kanye not to run for President, especially for the sake of his mental health. Kanye went on a bizarre Twitter rant where he accused Kim of trying to have him committed. Following this series of alarming behavior, sources revealed that the two were working on their marriage while living apart. An anonymous source told People that while Kim would never approve of his political ambitions, “She is kind of standing back while Kanye does whatever makes him happy.” 

KUWTK Kim Kanye Presidential Race

In addition to potentially ending his marriage, Kanye’s campaign could have dire consequences for the country. No one believes he actually stands a chance at winning. Many are angry at him for carrying on with this disastrous campaign, as it could potentially take votes away from Joe Biden. It’s not impossible to imagine Kim is one of them. The mogul has become increasingly political and interested in social justice in recent years. She has been a major advocate for prison reform, though she has come under fire for working with current president, Donald Trump, on this issue.

Regardless of Kim’s disapproval of the Kanye 2020 campaign, the two have still interacted publicly on unrelated matters. The rapper recently wished his Keeping Up With The Kardashians star wife a happy birthday on Twitter. It’s unclear if this is just to keep up appearances, or if they are actually working on their marriage behind the scenes. It remains to be seen how things will play out after the election, especially if Kanye’s candidacy spoils Biden’s chances as feared.

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Source: Kim Kardashian West , People Magazine

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