It only seems like a short while ago since Belial was released in Granblue Fantasy Versus, and here we are with another new addition to the cast. This addition in question is none other than Cagliostro, a formerly ill boy who discovered the arts of alchemy while seeking the path to immortality. During her research, she also discovered she could switch her body out anytime she wanted, creating the cute and innocent persona she is today.

Underneath that cute exterior, however, lies an extremely intelligent yet greedy narcissist. Cagliostro is supremely confident in her abilities, to the point she often belittles her opponents and those around her. Her skillset in-game (and her character theme) matches her fractured personality, as her game-plan centers heavily around innocuous set-ups and controlling stage space.

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By pressing the unique action button, Cagliostro summons a rock. Cagliostro can make use of this rock by either launching it at opponents or blocking projectiles. The rock can also be “charged” similar to Zero’s buster in the Marvel vs. Capcom series. The rock has five stages, which increase the hitbox size, damage and resilience to damage. For example, a level three rock will cancel out other EX projectiles. A fully charged rock will not only negate EX projectiles but continue traveling and hit the opponent twice.

If that wasn’t enough, Cagliostro can also charge the rock in the air, giving her access to a pseudo air-stall. Players can use this to bait out anti-airs and punish accordingly. Cagliostro can also fire the rock in the air, making her one of the few characters in the game with an air O.K projectile. The rock can be fired at two angles in the air, one steeper and one more at a 45-degree angle.

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“Mehen” is Cagliostro’s main way to control space and lockout opponents. Depending on which version is used, Cagliostro will place up to two magical traps on the screen. If an opponent walks into one of these traps, golden spikes will erupt out to impale the unfortunate soul. This move is also available to use in the air, so Cagliostro can catch jumping opponents as well. This move is incredibly powerful after a knockdown, as Cagliostro can set traps on or above opponents to keep them blocking.

With Cagliostro’s massive brain, it’s only natural that she’d have a move labeled “Calculated.” This particular move causes a tracking spear to thrust out of the ground. The placement of the spear all depends on the version used. For example, L spear will hit either point blank or a little farther from Cagliostro. Meanwhile, the EX spear will range from point-blank to half screen. Smart players will use the spears to hit opponents into previously set traps, allowing for extended combos.

“Alexandria” is Cagliostro’s basic combo filler move. She skips forward and slams the opponent with a dragon hula-hoop. All versions knock the opponent back, but the EX version can combo in the corner. As a warning, all versions of this move are somewhat unsafe on block, so be prepared to guard afterward.

A set-play character isn’t complete without a teleport, and Cagliostro is no exception. “Spare Body” bamboozles opponents by teleporting to various locations on the stage. This move can also be used in the air as an escape option or a way to get in. The L version of the teleport moves Cagliostro away from the opponent while the M version moves Cagliostro towards the opponent. The EX version teleports behind the opponent, and it also has a hit during the initial startup of the move.

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“Ars Magna” is Cagliostro’s basic super, which grinds opponents between two rapidly revolving magical saws. It’s also possible to use this super to launch an opponent into a trap, allowing for additional damage.

Finally, Cagliostro’s Super Skybound Art inundates the entire stage with gold, knocking the opponent over. If used close enough, Cagliostro encases the opponent in a gold statue of…herself. Considering Cagliostro’s personality, this isn’t much of a surprise.

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