In some stunning artwork for Marvel #4, Alex Ross gave Deadpool, Cable, and other members of X-Force his signature, realistic, style.

Deadpool and Cable have been unlikely allies and pals in the Marvel Universe for a long time, but they’ve never looked as good together as they do featured on a new comic cover by the legendary Alex Ross. The cover features other members of X-Force as well, but Wade Wilson and Cable are front and center, looking incredibly realistic thanks to Ross’ signature art style. The cover also pays an incredible homage to Rob Liefeld, as the cover is also a throwback to their first appearances and X-Force’s first roster that Liefeld helped create.

Alex Ross has been a comic book artist for a long time, specializing in some of the most gorgeous and detailed comic covers collectors have ever seen. While he has done comic book writing and interiors (such as with one of his first popular works Marvels from 1994), his work is primarily cover art, seeing as how his painting process takes him much longer to do that the average comic artists’ process. He’s also done work for DC Comics, Image, and several other publishers, having received multiple Eisner and Harvey awards. His signature painting style captures a heightened realism for his subjects, which can definitely be seen here with the Deadpool and Cable cover.

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Deadpool and Cable are featured on the cover for Marvel #4, part of the anthology series curated by Ross.The stories within the series are being billed as untold stories in the Marvel Universe’s history. While the issue was supposed to have been released already this past June, new issues were held due to the pandemic, and Marvel #4 will now be releasing this January according to Marvel Comics’ solicitations. Here’s the full cover art and synopsis for Marvel #4 from Marvel Comics:

  • MARVEL #4
  • Variant Cover by DANIEL ACUÑA
  • As DOCTOR STRANGE continues to contend with the machinations of NIGHTMARE in the framing story by ALEX ROSS and STEVE DARNALL, a bevy of other creators lend their talents to tales from all across the Marvel Universe: DANIEL ACUÑA spins a saga of the DEVIANTS ascendant in the world of the future, DOUG RICE and HILARY BARTA explore the earliest adventures of DOCTOR DROOM during the time of the Marvel monsters, and Alex Ross and SAL ABBINANTI delve into the inner life of Ben Grimm, THE THING!

While Liefeld’s work as a writer and artist was a dominant presence in the Marvel Comics of the 90’s, Liefeld has been pretty critical of the publisher recently, specifically with the current direction for his X-Men saga. Even so, it’s pretty cool to see Ross’ latest cover honoring so much of the groundwork Liefeld helped lay for X-Men comics, especially with X-Force, Deadpool, and Cable. Fans can see from the cover art that Ross’ depictions attempt to carry his realistic style, while still resembling the original essence of Liefeld’s art, which is truly an impressive feat. Liefeld’s characters typically had some pretty abnormal body types, as well as an excessive amount of pouches. However, it seems as though Ross cut himself a break, and didn’t feel the need to try to replicate the odd way Liefeld draws feet.

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