As a battle rages on in Dark Nights Death Metal Rise Of The New God #1, the Joker finally gets the insult he always deserved.

Warning! Spoilers for Dark Nights Death Metal Rise Of The New God #1 

The Joker is one of the most maniacal villains in the DC Universe and the list of terrible things he’s done while being Gotham’s Clown Prince of Crime appears to be innumerable. And, even though the Joker has traumatized as well as manipulated countless citizens, superheroes, and supervillains, he has yet to receive the insult he deserves. But that all changes in Dark Nights Death Metal Rise Of The New God #1 after he gets a visit from an omniversal entity.

DC’s Joker craves chaos and if one is lucky enough to survive his appalling antics – then they are left mentally and physically scarred like all of the members of the Bat-Family. And as a result of his belligerent behavior, he’s been name-called and given fitting titles such as, “monster,” but these words have only fueled his ego. Though while he’s rotting behind bars in a place known as The Hellscape in a universe ruled over by The Batman Who Laughs and the creator of the multiverse called Perpetua, a visitor arrives and gives him an insult he’ll never forget.

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In James Tynion IV, Bryan Hill, Jesús Merino, Vicente Cifuentes, Ulises Arreola, Nik Virella Hi-Fi, Ian Bertram, and Dave Stewart’s comic Dark Nights Death Metal Rise Of The New God #1 a cosmic battle of astronomical proportions ensues between The Batman Who Laughs and Perpetua as he prepares to remake the entire multiverse. As the battle continues between the two megalomaniacs, an entity called the Chronicler tears through the fabric of space-time, carrying a hefty book by its side and prepares to collect any pertinent information it can from the universe before it becomes completely destroyed. Along its journey, it stops at The Hellscape – previously known as Themyscira, walks up to the Joker, and makes a remark that brings tears to his eyes – but not before being belittled by the Clown Prince of Crime.

As soon as Chronicler arrives at The Hellscape, Joker wastes no time before insulting the cosmic being and says, “Hey, mister. Why the long face? Oh, I’ve got it. You must be The Batman Who Stuck His Head In The Oven,” a joke made in reflection of the story arc’s main villain The Batman Who Laughs as well as his hordes of evil Batmen he calls his Dark Knights. Though, Chronicler is not swayed by his remark in any way. In fact, it walks up to The Joker, grabs him by the throat – which makes Joker smile, and tells him just how insignificant he is, “Are you the one whose presence drew me here? No. You are cosmically insignificant. A strange nuisance on your world. It is a wonder they allow you to live.” After Chronicler criticizes Joker’s existence, the villain can only utter one word, his smile fades, and his eyes become glossy as he looks like he’s about to cry.

If the Joker’s arch-rival Batman had stated he was insignificant, he may have just laughed in his face. But knowing this cosmic being is telling him he’s a waste of space, Joker takes Chronicler’s criticism to the heart. But there’s truth in his statement; compared to villains like Robin King who is unleashing hell on the universe, Joker’s wrath is no more than a joke itself.

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