WARNING: The following contains spoilers for The Third Day Episode 6, “Last Day — The Dark,” now airing on HBO.

HBO’s The Third Day definitely i a psychological trip as Jude Law’s Sam discovers much about Osea, from the island’s history with Celtic paganism and human sacrifices, to him being a king descended from Jack the Ripper. While he stays behind to rule after the six episodes end, what really leaves fans breathing a sigh of relief iss that his daughters escape the island after a bloody coup takes place.

However, there are many pressing questions left unanswered at the end of The Third Day Season 1. Sam’s wife, Helen (Naomie Harris), appears to unearth details that paint the place as a supernatural hole after all.

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Where Is Jess’s Other Daughter?

Jess wants her newborn girl with Sam, Epona, to rule the island as “Mother,” so she leads the takeover. A key part in all this is Kail, who emails Helen, Lu and Ellie to come find Sam because she’s jealous of her mom’s new baby. Eventually, Kail helps Ellie betray her parents and become one of the cult for a short while, but Jess’s other daughter is never seen at all.

After Jess betrays Sam, the girl is there with Kail as Jess hides them from an abusive dad. Some fans believe they’d have seen her manipulating Lu, since they’re about the same age. However, Jess’s other daughter doesn’t even factor into the second half of The Third Day Season 1, leaving viewers wondering if perhaps she died during Sam’s reign.

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Who Is Nathan’s Mom?

It’s revealed that Sam’s son, Nathan, died 10 years ago after Osea botched his kidnapping. This Nathan is a hidden relative on the island. It appears Sam’s grand-uncle (who acted as king in his absence) sired the child in what the Martins think was an act of rape. Fans don’t know who the mother is, but speculation is it could be the Epona teenager who Sam saves from hanging herself in the premiere.

Her well-being keeps him tethered to Osea and seeing as she always wants to sacrifice herself for the island, fans also believe this is her way of getting out of her PTSD. Her dad, Jason, hates Sam’s bloodline, so this would make sense. Jason can’t harm the king, so it also explains why he’s all too eager to help Jess depose a legacy of toxic males.

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Who Is the Cowboy?

He didn’t appear in the first half of the season, but the Cowboy is prominent in the second half, knowing things about Helen’s family and helping her. It seems he doesn’t want Jess to overthrow Sam, but his identity and intentions have not been revealed. All that’s known is he thinks the place is special, which is weird since he wasn’t at the festival coronating Sam.

The Osea natives also have a deep reverence for the Cowboy, so this makes it even weirder why he doesn’t voice his opinions on the coup. If Jess’s crew confronted him, viewers would have gleaned more about why they respect him and his reasons for helping Helen, but he’s simply treated as a deus ex machina who ghosts away.

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What’s Up With Jess’ Husband?

Initially, it seems like the husband might have been part of the cult, as Jess explains she was in a pagan society before. However, Sam’s coronation confirms she’s hiding from him and Osea will ensure he can’t get to the girls. As a result, viewers have no clue how their relationship fell apart, why she chose Osea and why, after they call each other, he can’t track her there.

He’s implied to be a religious nut as well. Since Jess cheated with Sam, many thought the husband would show up for a fight in this love triangle. The Third Day sets him up as a key player but also drosd him, leaving viewers clueless as to why Osea is a protective barrier he can’t breach.

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Did Helen Die?

After escaping the island with money Sam owes her, Helen’s last seen suffering from hypothermia. She draggs the girls across the channel in freezing waters and the final shot shows them trying to warm her up as sun starts coming into a hut. However, Helen’s laying still, leaving it up in the air if she’s asleep or dead.

Helen isn’t the best mom but she risks her life for the girls, so it would be cruel if she died. People think the power of parenting and love will triumph, optimistically believing she’ll wake up for the girls, but The Third Day is a dark story that doesn’t guarantee happy endings.

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What is Osea Island?

Epona’s suicide attempt draws Sam home. He later sees Nathan’s ghost and keeps having visions of death. Jess also magically appears in the ocean to save him from drowning when he tries to escape.

All of the above point to the idea that Osea has mystical powers. The show touts the island as the heartbeat of the world and when it’s clean and bountiful, its soul purifies the world — so it seems to really be supernatural after all.

It may be purgatory, as well. Helen sees the real Sam when she swims to safety in the seas where he is buried. This theory is further backed by fake Nathan rattling off some of young Nathan’s memories and secrets. No one knew these things except Helen, so she’s wondering how he could have such info and why Osea seems to know people better than they know themselves.

HBO’s The Third Day stars Jude Law, Naomie Harris, Katherine Waterston, Nico Parker, Charlotte Gairdner-Mihell, Paddy Considine and Emily Watson.

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