Out in the Ring highlights some of the most prominent LGBTQ+ figures in professional wrestling, including Sonny Kiss and Lisa Marie Varon.

A new trailer has dropped for Out in the Ring, an upcoming documentary about the history and experience of LGBTQ+ wrestlers.

Slated for completion in spring 2021, the documentary features both interviews and archival footage. It is concerned with the bigotry and struggles current and historical performers have faced, as well as exploring the influence of queer performance art on the development of professional wrestling.

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“Wrestlers are artists,” the trailer begins. “There is so much crossover in the realm of queer performance and wrestling… it’s why gay-themed characters have always thrived throughout the history of wrestling.”

Out in the Ring includes interviews with over 25 queer wrestling legends such as AEW stars Sonny Kiss and Diamante, former WWE Superstar Susan “Tex” Green, rising performer Lola Starr and Iggy “Madness” Mendoza. The documentary also features promoters and historians such as Pat Laprade and Bertrand Hebert, the biographer of LGBTQ+ wrestling legend Pat Patterson.

“The ring is the only place I actually get to be who I am,” global Indie champion Effy explains in the trailer.

Directed by Ryan Levey and by produced by Brad Webb for RBL Films, Out in the Ring will have its first screening at festivals in May 2021 before being released online. The trailer premiered with The Advocate, one of America’s foremost LGBT magazines.

Though Out in the Ring has finished filming, crowdfunding efforts are still underway for post-production fees. Over $3,000 dollars have already been raised, and there are 49 days left to meet the target of $65,000.

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