After defeating the Black Moon Clan, the Sailor Guardians started preparing for their high school entrance exams. However, Rei had a vague vision where the world would succumb to an event later known as “The Silence.”

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It didn’t take long for a new enemy collectively called the Death Busters to appear. Headed by the mysterious Professor Tomoe and his henchwoman Kaolinite, these cunning villains sought out the three Talismans — these mystical objects would form the Holy Grail and play a key role in The Silence.

As a whole the Death Busters are very powerful, but how does each member rank?

9 Mimete

mimete sailor moon

At a level of 40, Witches 5 member Mimete isn’t very strong. In fact, she’s considered the weakest of the Death Busters subgroup. Mimete wasn’t the most focused when it came to finding a great Pure Heart to raise the Messiah; she cared more about cute boys.

Mimete’s ambition came too late when she used an experimental device, Eudial’s Witches Electric Warp, and was ultimately killed by her colleague, Tellu.

8 Eudial

Sailor Moon Eudial Fire Buster

After being moved from the lab to field work, Witches 5’s Eudial picked up where Kaolinite left off; she sought out people who might be Talisman hosts. Eudial was serious and cunning, with no remorse for anyone. She tangled with the Sailor Guardians a few times and nearly bested them during the quest to find the Talismans.

Unfortunately, she was unable to acquire the Holy Grail once it manifested, and she succumbed to a fatal car accident engineered by Mimete.

7 Viluy

sailor moon viluy

Viluy, a level-202 Witches 5 member, was Ami’s rival as they were both incredibly smart. The difference between them was Ami didn’t detach herself emotionally from science, whereas Viluy was too clinical for her own good.

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She created nanobots that seized Pure Hearts from Mugen Academy students, but when Mercury and the Sailor Guardians interfered, Viluy was killed by her own devices.

6 Tellu

sailor moon s tellu

After she killed Mimete, Tellu took over, but she didn’t last very long. The level-404 Tellu bio-engineered a plant called a Tellun that snatched people’s Pure Hearts; Sailor Pluto caught on to her plan and alerted Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi-Moon.

The three Sailor Guardians stopped Tellu from getting away with a multitude of Pure Hearts, yet in a last-ditch effort, Tellu injected one of her remaining plants with a serum that turned it into a giant, carnivorous version called a Hyper Tellun. As fate would have it, Tellun was destroyed by something she created.

5 Cyprine and Ptilol

sailor moon cyprine ptilol

While the Witches 5 sounds like a quintet, the group technically has a sixth member: Ptilol. It’s not explained in the classic Sailor Moon anime why Cyprine has a twin, but manga creator Naoko Takeuchi has said Ptilol is an extension of Cyprine. Together, they rank at an astonishing level of 999.

When the Inner Guardians infiltrated Mugen after hours, they were ambushed by Cyprine and her “twin;” the pair battled the intruders before they were tricked into killing each other. Before that, Cyprine and Ptilol proved to be some of the most powerful generals in the Death Busters.

4 Kaolinite

sailor moon kaolinite

Kaolinite was a loyal right-hand woman to Professor Tomoe; she was the first of the Death Busters to go out and find the Talismans. The Sailor Guardians had the hardest time fighting her when it came down to a showdown at the Tokyo Tower, though. And their group work wasn’t as successful as they originally thought: Kaolinite survived after supposedly plunging to her death from the top of the Tokyo Tower.

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Kaolinite reappeared at the Tomoe house and kept a watchful eye on Hotaru, the future Messiah and Sailor Saturn.

3 Germatoid

sailor moon s germatoid

It might appear Professor Tomoe is in charge of the Death Busters, but he’s really nothing more than a shell for the advanced Daimon, Germatoid. Essentially, Tomoe’s participation in the Death Busters’ mission is not of his own free will.

As soon as Germatoid was expelled from Professor Tomoe, he was defeated by Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune.

2 Mistress 9

sailor moon mistress 9

As it turns out, Hotaru Tomoe is not only Sailor Saturn but also the dreaded Mistress 9. Being an emissary for Master Pharaoh 90, Mistress 9 was in charge of bringing him to Earth. To do so, though, she required the Holy Grail that Sailor Moon possessed.

When Mistress 9 brings Sailor Moon to her, she preys on the Guardian’s compassion and tricks her into giving up the Holy Grail; this spells doom for the planet. Luckily, Sailor Moon is still hopeful that she can save the world from damnation.

1 Master Pharaoh 90

sailor moon pharaoh 90

Master Pharaoh 90 was from the Tau Ceti Star System, and he really only appears in episode 125 after Mistress 9 gets her hands on the Holy Grail. Using the energy from the Holy Grail, Master Pharaoh 90 is able to enter this dimension and begin his plans for taking over Earth.

Luckily, Hotaru is able to escape Mistress 9’s control and emerges as Sailor Saturn. All seems too late for the planet until Saturn destroys Pharaoh 90.

In the manga, it’s explained that Master Pharaoh 90 is an aspect of the source of all evil in the universe, Chaos.

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