Certain Southern Charm cast members have gotten positive COVID-19 test results. Find out which reality stars from the show DID test positive.

The latest season of Southern Charm has challenged the highly social cast, as COVID-19 has arrived in Charleston. Times are changing in the city, as indicated by the highly- publicized removal of the John C. Calhoun statue in Marion Square. While one movement has pushed Charleston to reckon with its past and find progress, COVID-19 looms. The Coronavirus even caused a two-month shutdown. Most of the cast members are known for their partying ways, and some people believe that the Coronavirus did not slow them down.

Salon owner Madison LeCroy had to shut down her business for two months after South Carolina’s pandemic shutdown. Meanwhile, she has taken every precaution to keep herself and her son safe from the deadly virus. The problem is the fact that others in her circle have not done the same. Madison has had to deal with her friends’ alleged lack of responsibility.

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Some may be working hard to keep the virus at bay, while others are a little too concerned with other problems. Kathryn is going around town opening up about her possibly racist messages that were leaked. She even meets up with Danni, who has nothing to say to her because she realizes Kathryn might manipulate her. This time, Danni Baird will not let her off the hook, and ultimately their discussion crashes and burns as quickly as it began. This season is as much about accountability as it is about COVID-19; check out the video below:

Across town, half the cast deals with getting COVID-19. Austen Kroll finds out he has COVID a few days after spending time with Madison, which causes her to realize that he has not changed his ways. He is still partying like it is his job, and what is worse is that she feels he put her and her son’s life at risk as he did test positive. Craig Conover, his girlfriend Natalie Hegnauer, and Taylor Green have also tested positive for Coronavirus. Out of Craig, Austen, Taylor, Natalie, and Shep Rose, the only one who has not tested positive for Coronavirus is Shep. He separates himself from the group, which bothers his girlfriend Taylor because she is forced to go through her ordeal without him.

Due to Austen being with Madison right before he tested positive, Madison was forced to close her salon down again. That was the final straw for Madison LeCroy as she had already lost two months of work this year. Meanwhile, Danni and Kathryn’s friendship is crumbling and Leva is holding everyone accountable as she works toward progress for Charleston. Southern Charm season 7 is really heating up, so tune in on Bravo to check out all of the drama.

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