In March 2021, Terminator: Resistance – Enhanced is slated to launch for PS5. The updated version will feature improvements and new content.

In March 2021, developer Teyon and publisher Reef Entertainment will release Terminator: Resistance – Enhanced, an upgraded version of the first-person shooter that’s coming to PlayStation 5. The title initially hit store shelves in late 2019, bringing to market what many a fan argues is probably the best Terminator game to date.

Despite launching a mere two weeks after Terminator: Dark Fate’s theatrical release, the shooter does not in any way, shape, or form count as a movie tie-in for the more recent films. Instead, the narrative in Resistance follows that of the property’s original two films, both of which were directed and co-written by James Cameron. Interestingly, this wasn’t developer Teyon’s first time tackling a licensed video game. The Polish-based studio also produced the poorly received Rambo: The Video Game, a rail-shooter that released for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 in 2014.

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Evidently, Teyon had much better luck with Terminator: Resistance, as the shooter will receive an enhanced version for PlayStation 5 on March 26, 2021. According to Reef Entertainment, the upcoming iteration will boast a number of graphical improvements, such as 4K/60fps, faster loading speeds, and DualSense support. PS5 players can also look forward to the balance patches and updates that were previously rolled out for PC. One such update includes Infiltrator Mode – a mode that allows players to control a T-800 series Infiltrator unit. Paid DLC is additionally in the works, set to release on an unspecified date in the summer for PC and PlayStation 5. Reef Entertainment plans to distribute a Collector’s Edition for Terminator: Resistance – Enhanced as well, complete with a steelbook case, a hardback edition of Dark Horse‘s Zero Day comic, four character cards, and a collector’s box.

The publisher further confirmed that all who own the PS4 version of Terminator: Resistance will gain access to the upgrade on PS5 for no extra cost. Last-gen players shouldn’t feel left out, though. Both the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Terminator: Resistance are slated to receive the aforementioned update patch and the difficulty mode in the first quarter of 2021.

Many fans will no doubt be pleased to see Terminator: Resistance get a new lease on life. It launched during the usually packed holiday season in late 2019, thus becoming overshadowed by a slew of heavy-hitters. This particular shooter still managed to provide players with a special experience in its own right.

PlayStation users who don’t already own the game would do well to keep a close eye on upcoming sales of the PS4 version to take full advantage of the free upgrade come March. While Terminator: Resistance isn’t presently featured in the PS Store’s Holiday 2020 sale, it could very well receive a discount in the near future.

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Terminator: Resistance is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One; the enhanced version comes to PS5 on March 26, 2021.

Source: Reef Entertainment

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