A new preview for the digital-first Sensational Wonder Woman series sees Diana trapped in a suburban fantasy as a 1950s-era housewife.

Wonder Woman celebrates her 80th anniversary this year, and DC Comics has released a preview of the digital-first series Sensational Wonder Woman.

The preview pages showcase Wonder Woman in a 1950-era suburban world, with a dress mimicking her classic red and blue armor. She is married to a well-to-do businessman in this world, who resembles her longtime love interest Steve Trevor.

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Sensational Wonder Woman features Stephanie Phillips (Harley Quinn) as writer and Meghan Hetrick (Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace) on art, with Marissa Louise on colors. Wonder Woman battles her old foe Doctor Psycho, and is trapped in an alternate reality from the force of his psychic blast. Diana struggles to remember who she is, with Hawkgirl working to help her.

Future arcs will feature Diana teaming up with other characters from the Wonder Woman mythos, including her mother Hippolyta and Steve Trevor. A list of all-star creators will tackle the book, including Colleen Doran, Alyssa Wong and Eleonora Carlini. The series is meant to be free of continuity, delivering standalone stories that both longtime Wonder Woman fans and new comic book readers alike can enjoy.

Sensational Wonder Woman #1 is now available to purchase in digital form from DC Comics. The print version of the comic will go on sale on March 2, 2021.

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