An X-Men and New Mutants veteran just volunteered to take on a gruesome role that could revolutionize the way mutants live and die on Krakoa.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for X-Factor #6 by Leah Williams, David Baldeón, Israel Silva, V.C.’s Joe Caramagna and Tom Muller, on sale now.

Since it was founded by Charles Xavier, Marvel’s mutant nation Krakoa has been a hotbed of impressive advancements for mutant technology, knowledge and research. But now, a former New Mutant from the Academy X-era might have just created an entirely new field of study.

In X-Factor #6, Prodigy just started a body farm at the Boneyard, applying his newly gained medical knowledge towards becoming Krakoa’s premiere coroner.

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X-Factor has become the premiere investigative arm of Krakoa, looking into the deaths of any mutants across the world — and beyond it, as shown by their recent venture into the Mojoverse. Their latest investigation involves Siryn. The daughter of Banshee and former X-Force leader has now died twice under mysterious circumstances, stoking the curiosity of the team. One member of X-Factor who takes the investigation as an invitation towards loftier goals is Prodigy. Examining Siryn’s second body alongside Cecilia Reyes, Prodigy uses his power to absorb nearby experience, knowledge and skill to gain all of her medical knowledge, effectively turning Prodigy into X-Factor’s field medic. It’s just one of the many skills Prodigy intends to learn. But it also means he gained her skills and knowledge as a coroner.

Prodigy then pushes it even further, asking to examine the other bodies of deceased mutants. Ever since the formation of the Five gave the X-Men the ability to resurrect their fallen allies, more and more mutant bodies have been piling up. Prodigy argues that they deserve further scientific study. Doing so could help X-Factor and their allies pinpoint any differences between human and mutant decomposition, as well as uncovering any potential lingering side-effects of the resurrection on bodies. This leads to the creation of a “body farm” at the Boneyard, X-Factor’s headquarters, with an entire section of the building basically becoming a mutant morgue.

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Although Northstar is initially against the idea, he’s won over by Prodigy’s arguments that doing this will help not just answer questions about living on Krakoa and resurrection, but that it could lead to an entire academic field within mutant biology. Northstar relents, and Prodigy effectively gets a new job as Krakoa’s ultimate coroner. Prodigy is the perfect mutant to take on this position, with his commitment to uncovering the truth in things helping promise someone who cares leads this field. This kind of direction could also prove crucial to any modifications the Five need to make to their process and could end up impacting the kind of investigations X-Force has to carry out as well. This kind of information could even be very valuable to someone like Mister Sinister, whether or not he strays from keeping his attention towards helping Krakoa.

With mutant culture on Krakoa becoming more and more independent, it makes sense for someone to take on the grisly but necessary job of investigating the dead and seeing what can be learned from them. As Prodigy points out, even just living on Krakoa might have an effect on mutants, let alone going through resurrection. Prodigy is also the perfect person for this job. The former New Mutant and Young Avenger is confident, experienced, and clever enough to justify taking such a big role going forward and to carry out any anatomy analysis that proves necessary, despite the natural reservations most people would have about taking on such a position. With the backing of Cecilia Reyes and X-Factor, Prodigy might have just given mutantkind an important new field of study.

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