In Gotham City, the Magistrate has been holding multiple heroes and villains within a prison, including a major figure from Superman’s life.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for the story “Batgirls” from Future State: The Next Batman #2 by Vita Ayala, Aneke, Trish Mulvihill & Becca Carey, on sale now

Even though he ostensibly only controls Gotham City, the Magistrate has proven to be one of the most commanding forces within the universe of Future State. He’s even arranged for the capture of multiple heroes and villains within his prisons, with his grasp even reaching to major figures from across the DC Universe.

But one story in Future State: The Next Batman #2 reveals that Jimmy Olsen is one of the notable figures trapped inside the Magistrate’s prison within the Future State DC Universe, and he’ll have to escape soon if he wants to try and make it out in one piece.

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Jimmy Olsen Future State Prison

The Magistrate has implemented a powerful series of anti-superhero and supervillain laws, resulting in the creation of the Magistrate Detention Facility. The Magistrate and his forces have proven to be very skilled in this regard, having captured a number of heroes and villains from across the DC Universe. Beast Boy, Big Barda, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Killer Frost, Mister Freeze, Killer Croc, Cheeta, Jason Blood, and Spoiler are among the prisoners, along with the newest detainee, Cassandra Cain. Most of these figures long-time residents of Gotham, so it makes sense that the Magistrate would be able to capture them. Others are at least allies to Gotham heroes and could have been caught while visiting their allies during these difficult times.

And even though he’s spent some time in Gotham City recently, there’s also a major figure from Metropolis who’s been contained in the prison as well: Jimmy Olsen. Once she’s brought into the prison, Cain ends up spending a good deal of time talking with Olsen in the recreation room. Jimmy reveals that when he was processed into the prison, the Magistrate’s forces took his Signal-Watch, which prevents him from reaching out to the Man of Steel for help. Jimmy also reveals to Cassie that he’s seemingly one of the few figures in the Future State timeline who still believes that Batman is still alive. Jimmy even reveals rumors about a mysterious cell known as the Hole and explains that he believes Batman may be contained down there.

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While he’s wrong about it containing Bruce Wayne, Jimmy is right about the Hole existing, as it’s shown to be containing Barabra Gordon. It’s likely that Jimmy — an outspoken supporter of superheroes and a popular figure within the press — would be reporting on the Magistrate’s actions and got himself arrested for it. But it’s surprising that seemingly no one in Metropolis has made it a mission to rescue him, even members of the Superman Family like Jon Kent, who previously had a good relationship with Olsen. Especially considering his current role as the actual owner of the Daily Planet, it’s even more surprising that there isn’t more controversy surrounding the detainment of a public figure like Olsen. But it’s clear his faith in heroes hasn’t been shaken, despite his prison time.

Future State Big Barda

Olsen might also want to hope for an escape sooner than later since a group of villains notes that the “ginger pig-lover” is going to eventually get himself killed by any one of the many villains in the prison. The only reason he’s lasted as long as he has is that, as Stephanie Brown points out,  the similarly captured Big Barda has been doing her best to keep an eye on him.

But with so many villains in the prison, it’s only a matter of time before they catch Olsen when he’s alone and makes sure to end Superman’s Pal once and for all. The Daily Planet owner’s best hope might lie in the hands of the Batgirls and their own efforts to break into the Hole and rescue anyone captured in it.

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