Red Dead Online rewards this week benefit players that have not started a specialist Role, instead gives out bonuses for living life on the plains.

While Red Dead Online‘s last few bonus promotions have been aimed at players inhabiting a specific Role, Rockstar is looking to reward those focused on the smaller things in online cowboy life this week by giving out prizes for crafting at the campfire, discounts on hunting and fishing tools, and more. The immersive western experience has always encouraged its players to embrace life on the plains. Some fans have even taken this to the extreme by creating a fleshed-out prison system intended to punish black hatted players for in-game crimes. The limited-time bonuses coming from Rockstar seem like a boon to these kinds of fans.

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Red Dead Online recently separated from its single-player mode, making it cheaper for new fans to jump into Rockstar’s online-only live service world. Following the announcement, the company introduced a series of promotions which seem geared toward enticing new players into the game’s various specialist Roles. Roles in Red Dead Online give players the ability to assume unique identities in the world and come bundled with special equipment, horses, clothing options, and storylines. Sadly, these paths are not free to walk, costing a hefty amount of gold to unlock, but since the game became standalone, Rockstar has been offering lower prices. The first of these promotions were aimed at the Bounty Hunters who seek out criminals on the loose in exchange for cash. Quickly following this limited-time deal, came bonuses and discounts beneficial for Naturalists and Moonshiners.

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This week’s offers break the recent trend and rather than pushing players into a specific Role, Rockstar is doling out discounts and bonuses to anyone diving into the game’s various activities. As the company explains, this time around the rewards are for “the amateur cooks and chemists” or for fans who take up hunting and crafting in Red Dead Online. Players that craft three items at a campfire while this promotion lasts, will be gifted three collectibles. These could perhaps help to fill out those hard-to-finish collections, or they can be traded to Madam Nazar individually. Though anyone taking the latter course should be ready for her to tell you how much more valuable the item could be in a set.

Another NPC will be happy to reward industrious players for the time being as Gus will offer anyone that takes the time to craft in his store a low-level hat and half-off on boots. Crafting here will be especially easy for a limited time because this promotion applies a forty percent discount to all garments crafted in the hunter’s store. Additionally, players will get a thirty percent discount on all Gus’ trinkets and unique improved bow options. Stores across the online world will be offering discounts too for items helpful in finishing and hunting. Starting now and running until February 1 any player that simply boots up the game will receive five gun oils and fifty small game arrows. Rockstar is also interested to remind players that the game gives out cool benefits to those with Prime Gaming including a free Bounty Hunter license.

A far cry from the days when players protested the lack of attention being paid to Red Dead Online, it looks like Rockstar isn’t slowing down on the constant stream of limited-time rewards anytime soon, clearly aiming to replicate the success and popularity of Grand Theft Auto Online.

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