The Blacklist has been officially renewed for a ninth season at NBC, continuing one of network television’s most popular current crime series.

The Blacklist has been officially renewed for a ninth season at NBC. The series, which stars James Spader and Megan Boone as criminal profilers/hunters, is currently airing its eighth season on the network. As streaming platforms like Netflix have become increasingly dominant in the TV drama space, The Blacklist has remained a popular holdout for many who still want a weekly dose of serialized crime-solving.

The Blacklist stars James Spader as Raymond “Red” Reddington, a former member of the FBI’s most-wanted list who allies with the Bureau to take down a list of dangerous criminals in exchange for exoneration. He works with profiler Elizabeth Keen (Boone) to work through the various targets on his titular “blacklist.” While the show’s ratings have dropped progressively over time, The Blacklist has remained one of the more popular titles in modern network drama, with a dedicated fan base still tuning in weekly when new episodes air.

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Those fans can look forward to more Blacklist in the future, as the series has been officially renewed for a ninth season at NBC. Release date details and other specifics have yet to be released. The Blacklist season 8 is currently airing, with new episodes debuting weekly on NBC every Friday night. Presumably, the new season will continue following Red and Liz’s trek through the blacklist, taking down various criminals and dangerous figures along the way.

Elizabeth Keen's father, Reddington and Keen

NBC has remained successful in the original comedy and drama department in recent years, largely because of popular series like The Blacklist. The network has managed to cut out a distinct and seemingly sustainable niche from the modern era of streaming platforms and subscription-based content, earning dedicated followings for shows like This Is Us and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit in addition to their reality TV and late-night programming. NBCUniversal also owns Syfy and Bravo, both of which have continued to find levels of success while traditional networks continue to struggle.

NBC recently entered the streaming marketplace themselves with Peacock, a subscription service with different payment models that now is the exclusive streamer for The Office and Parks and Recreation. The company also struck a recent deal to become the exclusive US streamer for WWE, with plans to integrate Peacock and the WWE Network in March. With NBC putting more and more money and effort into their own streaming front, popular series like The Blacklist are keeping the fires burning for traditional network TV.

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