The series, Avatar, has many impressively strong and skilled characters along with some weaker, yet unexpectedly helpful characters as well. However, when comparing the ability of these characters to those of characters in anime series like Hunter X Hunter, many may think Team Avatar wouldn’t stand a chance.

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Surprisingly, the strength of Avatar Aang and his friends is immensely underestimated, and they are in fact capable of rivaling some of the best in Hunter X Hunter. More specifically, if put to the test to earn their Hunter’s Licence, some of the characters would succeed. Here are five characters from Avatar who would pass the Hunter Exam, and five who just wouldn’t make the cut.

10 FAIL: Jet’s Overconfidence & Vengeful Nature Hinders His Judgment

The arrogant, yet witty young man Jet is considered to be a rather skilled swordsman when using hook swords, but his fighting style would simply not be enough to get him through the Hunter Exam. While he may be able to get one over on his opponent in a test of his combat ability, his decision-making skills are often hindered by his obsession with revenge. His tendency to be overconfident would only cause him to misjudge the difficulty of an exam stage or the strength of his fellow examinees.

9 PASS: Katara Possesses Some Of The Best Waterbending Abilities & Critical Thinking Skills

Katara at the North Pole

As a fiercely determined and powerful waterbender, Katara has what it takes to pass the Hunter Exam. Along with her waterbending abilities, she is capable of healing her allies, manipulating the blood flow of her enemies, and controlling ice. Many fans would agree that, with her powers, Katara would have no trouble during combat. She also has amazing critical thinking skills that would allow her to avoid the tricks and schemes of the other, more cunning examinees.

8 FAIL: Sokka Would Get Distracted Too Easily

5 sokka from avatar

Although Sokka has proven to be a skilled strategist with proficiency in weapon use, he tends to get distracted rather easily. When fighting, he is able to remain focused but his lack of maturity and experience would leave him vulnerable to surprise attacks from his opponents. Sokka’s intelligence and skill would get him farther than most in the Hunter Exam, but his inability to remain motivated to keep his senses sharp at all times would be his downfall.

7 PASS: Azula’s Lack Of Empathy Is Perfect For The Cutthroat Environment

Princess of the Fire Nation and arguably one of the strongest firebenders, Azula would get her Hunter’s Licence with ease. She is a confident young woman and has the power to back it up. Her lack of empathy would only work to benefit her in the cutthroat environment of the Hunter Exam.

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Aside from her ability to emit intense blue flames at will, she is highly intelligent and extremely skilled in hand-to-hand combat, making her a huge potential threat to the other examinees.

6 FAIL: Ty Lee Is Too Friendly & Optimistic

In any setting other than the Hunter Exam, Ty Lee’s optimistic and friendly personality would be admirable, but among the examinees, her positive outlook would be seen as her greatest weakness. Ty Lee also has a tendency to be scatterbrained at times, meaning she lacks the mental acuity needed to pass the Hunter Exam. Although she is unbelievably skilled in acrobatics and chi blocking, her level of agility and martial arts techniques are not enough to get her through all the various stages of the Hunter Exam.

5 PASS: Zuko Excels In Firebending, Swordsmanship, & Unarmed Combat

Master firebender and Prince of the Fire Nation, Zuko has most, if not all, the qualities needed to pass the Hunter Exam. Zuko is not only an extraordinary firebender, but he also specializes in swordsmanship and unarmed combat. Aside from his sour attitude, he is able to remain focused when he has set his mind on a clear goal. Zuko has the characteristics of a strong leader and would, no doubt, easily intimidate the other examinees with his presence alone.

4 FAIL: Mai Wouldn’t Be Passionate Enough To Give It Her All

Similar to Azula, Mai has an apathetic and intimidating demeanor but lacks the vast amount of power and physical ability to support it. Her ability to appear emotionless seems like a good trait to have among ruthless examinees, but her lack of passion or regard for anything would be more of a hindrance than an advantage. Regardless of her skills as a markswoman, Mai’s constant indifference would cause her to fail the Hunter Exam, as she wouldn’t care to put much effort into passing the stages.

3 PASS: Toph Works Well Individually & On Teams

10 toph from avatar

As the daughter of the wealthy Beifong family and a master earthbender, Toph would excel in the Hunter Exam. Toph, as one of the most powerful earthbenders in the series and the discoverer of metalbending, meets the criteria to succeed in receiving her Hunter’s License.

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While she is strongly independent and unafraid of confrontation, she is also capable of working on a team, both of which are needed to pass the Hunter Exam.

2 FAIL: Suki Lacks Power & Isn’t One Of The Stronger Non-Benders

6 suki from avatar

When it comes to being a hand-to-hand combatant, Suki stands out. As the leader of the Kyoshi Warriors, she has trained for years to better her fighting skills. Although she is resilient and unwavering when it comes to battle, she is not the strongest among non-benders in the slightest. Despite her efforts, Suki’s level of physical strength has proven to be insufficient, causing her to lose most of the fights she finds herself in. She has the spirit and motivation but lacks the skills needed to pass the more difficult stages of the Hunter Exam.

1 PASS: Aang Will Do Everything In His Power To Succeed Once He Puts His Mind To It

Aang From Avatar The Last Airbender Firebending

The predecessor of Avatar Korra and master of all the elements, Aang has exactly what it takes to not only pass the Hunter Exam but also potentially come out on top among his fellow examinees. Aang is excellent in problem-solving, combat, bending, and much more. Once he is set on accomplishing something, his resolve when trying to achieve it is unbreakable. His cheerful attitude would also work to throw off his opponents, who would mistakenly believe he isn’t a threat. Aang’s personality would also leave nothing short of a good impression on the examiners.

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