GTA Online offers players a lot of different options for car customization, but some vehicles offer players more choices than others do.

There are a ton of different things to do and experience in GTA Online, and customizing and modifying vehicles is one of those things. The best part about modifying cars in GTA Online is that players don’t even have to buy a nice car to do it. They can just steal one off the streets of Los Santos instead, take it into the car shop, and then store it in their garage for future use.

After modifying their car, players need to be careful not to leave it out in the open (without insurance) otherwise it might be stolen, blown up, or impounded. Almost every vehicle in GTA Online can be customized in some way, but there are a lot of cars that have more modifiers available than others do.

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GTA Online’s Dewbauchee Massacro is a great supercar that can easily be prepped for racing or stunt racing, and will look stylish while in first place. Not only are the engine upgrades extremely useful in terms of acceleration and speed, but the exhausts, roof, fenders, bumper, and more can all be customized. These upgrades on the base version of the car make it infinitely better, and will likely demolish most other cars in a GTA Online race.

Other Great GTA Online Cars To Customize

The Vulcar Warrener is one of the best vehicles for drifting in GTA Online. Even though it may look like a casual cruiser on the street, taking this car into Los Santos Customs and putting on some new wheels, a fancy spoiler, and a stylish bumper can turn this into a good competitor on the road.

Finally, another one of the best vehicles to modify is the Benefactor Feltzer. Although it’s already an outstanding car in the first place, players can make it look even more radical by changing up the spoilers, fender, and bumper. Fully upgrading the engine on the Feltzer will also make it lightning fast, allowing players to storm through Grand Theft Auto’s Los Santos whenever they want.

Overall, these are the best cars to pour tons of GTA money into modifying and customizing, with the most upgrades and decals available. Many other vehicles in GTA Online may not have as many customization options as these ones do, but the majority of cars feature the ability to upgrade their engines and transmissions, if speed and acceleration are the only important aspects GTA Online players are worried about. However, players really can’t go wrong with customizing these cars listed above, and can modify everything to their heart’s content. The most important thing to remember when modifying a car in GTA Online is to have fun, and to make it look as stylish as possible.

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