Disney fans love their merch and these 10 limited edition pins from their movies should be the desire of any discerning collector.

Disney is everywhere and its connection to various movies and television shows is far-reaching including the Marvel and Star Wars universes along with Disney’s original animated and live-action movies. There are countless classic Disney movies and more are being released every year.

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Disney also markets endless merchandise for their productions including Disneyland limited edition pins that are pretty reasonably priced for the newer collections. Disney is constantly releasing merch for their most popular movies and enamel pins were a natural choice since their popularity has been rising as well.

10 Toy Story 4 Forky Pin

forky toy story 4 disney limited edition pin

Forky was one of the best parts of Toy Story 4 and a new fan-favorite of the franchise because of Forky’s great and relatable dialogue throughout the movieToy Story 4 wasn’t the best movie of the franchise, but Forky was a highlight and this pin doesn’t have the most creative design but it is fun and engaging and perfect for children who love the character.

9 Finding Nemo Bruce The Shark Pin

bruce shark finding nemo disney limited edition pin

Finding Nemo is a classic Disney animated movie that is filled with hilarious and fun dialogue and characters throughout its heartwarming plot. The two desperate fish looking for Nemo run into several dangerous creatures beneath the sea including a group of sharks. The sharks, led by Bruce, are part of a support group trying to stop eating fish and continue to say the “fish are friends, not food” mantra over and over again. It’s a pretty basic pin, but fun recognizable merchandise of the character all the same.

8 Pooh “Oh Bother” Pin

winnie the pooh disney limited edition pin

Winnie the Pooh is an iconic character that has appeared in Disney movies and shows since the 1970s as the lovable bear obsessed with honey. Pooh is known for his “oh bother!” catchphrase and for always eating honey out of “hunny” jars.

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This Pooh pin is adorable as it depicts Pooh with his head caught in a “hunny” jar, but it’s not entirely creative or extremely aesthetically pleasing like others ranked higher on this list.

7 Nightmare Before Christmas Pin

nightmare before christmas disney limited edition pin

Nightmare Before Christmas is a classic movie filled with original music from Disney and Tim Burton and has stayed popular during both Halloween, Christmas, and year-round since its release in 1993. This pin depicts the most recognizable characters from the movie in sketch form, which is a great artistic and unique twist. Although it’s a fun and interesting variant that is sure to find an audience, the movie itself has such bold colors that turning it into a black and white graphite sketch loses some of its vibrancy.

6 Minnie Mouse And Figaro Pin

minnie mouse disney limited edition pin

Minnie Mouse is a classic original Disney character that is just as recognizable as Mickey Mouse is. This adorable pin depicts Minnie and the cat Figaro who first appeared in Pinocchio as Geppetto’s cat but Minnie is now taking care of him. It’s a cute pin with bright colors and Minnie sitting with her hands on her chin and Figaro in a red bow on top of her head.

5 Coco “Remember Me” Pin

miguel coco disney limited edition pin

Coco is a lovable and deeply emotional animated Disney movie that focuses on Miguel Rivera trying to reckon with his own love for music and his family’s hatred for music. Miguel learns about his family history and why they don’t approve of his musical aspirations when he crosses over to the Land of the Dead. This pin of Miguel with the recognizable song title “Remember Me” in English and Spanish has a great design.

4 Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Pin

sally nightmare before christmas disney limited edition pin

Although Jack Skellington might be the most recognizable character from The Nightmare Before Christmas Sally is a close second. This pine shows Sally sitting on a gravestone petting a cat and has the movie’s fantastic bright and bold colors and design throughout. Sally is a fan-favorite character and this pin is perfect for any fan.

3 Stormtrooper Helmet Design Pin

star wars stormtrooper disney limited edition pin

Star Wars has countless recognizable icons throughout its franchise and the Stormtrooper helmet definitely falls into that category. This pin shows the helmet and introduces a new design on and around the helmet.

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The pin introduces blue to the typical black and white color palette of the helmet in the movies, which brings a new flair to the pin design and is a great pin for any Star Wars fan.

2 Minnie Mouse Pin

minnie mouse disney limited edition pin

Minnie Mouse is arguably just as iconic as Mickey Mouse is and this classically designed pin is perfect for any fan of hers and Disney in general. The design of the pin evokes an old and new style with its color palette as the forefront has bright reds, whites, and blacks, but the background is all grey. It’s an adorable pin and the design is pretty unique as she fixes her bow and her hands go beyond the background and are part of the clear and bold pin outline.

1 Darth Vader Helmet Design Pin

star wars darth vader disney limited edition pin

Darth Vader is an iconic character from the Star Wars universe and Disney has released a fantastic pin to commemorate the character. The design is aesthetically pleasing and the color palette of black, tan, and red is pleasing as well. It’s instantly recognizable as Darth Vader, but it’s also completely unique and isn’t something that a fan could find just anywhere.

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