New legend Fuse makes an explosive entrance in Kings Canyon – so explosive that it blows up the map, adding new areas and tearing down old ones.

Kings Canyon in Apex Legends never seems like a dull place to be, with world shattering events occurring on the regular. It’s not different when Fuse, the upcoming Season 8 legend, makes his entrance, once again reshaping Kings Canyon in a major way.

As seen in the newly released trailer, the Master of Mayhem himself, Fuse, is being welcomed as a new addition to Apex Legends in what seems like a grand festival with a big crowd. But just as the festivities are getting started, a disembodied voice cuts in. A voice Fuse identifies as Maggie – his childhood friend and rival that actually is the reason why he ended up with a mechanical arm in the first place. She demands that the other Legends deliver her his only remaining human arm or say “bye-bye to your precious games.” Fuse doesn’t really take her threats seriously, prompting Maggie to take control over the massive ship he is located on, firing explosives into the crowd gathered around it.

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New crashsite in Kings Canyon Apex Legends season 8

Fuse destroys the ship hoping to stop Maggie’s attack, but she has a big finish planned, explosives launch from the mountain range surrounding King’s Canyon. The ensuing debris hits the ship and brings it down, but not before Fuse grabs hold of the MRVN unit and bring them both to safety.

The impact of this massive destruction can be seen in several places throughout the map. The most obvious one being the big crash site. As the gunship crashed, it took down an entire mountainside with it, opening up a completely new part of Kings Canyon.

The ship’s sheer height can add a lot of verticality to the area, with Respawn referring to it as a new King of the Hill inspired zone. However, with small buildings and scaffolding close to the crash, there are also plenty of breathing points where teams can seek shelter.

The areas surrounding the crash are also changing. Artillery was destroyed and now has a back door leading into the new northern region. The same goes for the tunnel east of Artillery that now serves as a rotation from the North thanks to the destruction.

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Other areas that have been affected are Slum Lakes, which now will be called Spotted Lakes. Because of the fuel leakage from the crash, the lakes have been contaminated, and therefore a new Filtration Dam has been put in place to clean the waters.

An interesting addition is the new observation towers looming over Echo Camps. There are four towers in total that can all be raised by interacting with the wall panel. This will obviously alert other players of your position but will give any sniper a great place to fight from.

Lastly, as the ship came crashing down, several locked armories were spread across the map. These will be a form of vaults in Kings Canyon, hiding precious loot behind locked doors. Players need to use a frag grenade, thermite, or arc star to blow the doors open to access them.

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This is not the first time the world of Apex Legends has been destroyed or changed. This new edition of the crash site is actually making up for Skull Town and Thunderdome’s lost ground that simply fell off the map at the start of Season 5, shrinking the size of Kings Canyon. Season 4 saw Apex Legends’ other map, World’s Edge, torn apart quite literally as the Capitol City was split into two areas, leaving buildings torn down and rivers of molten lava running through the streets.

With all the changes coming, it is always interesting to see how Respawn’s ideas translate into the gameplay and strategies of the players themselves. Fortunately, we won’t have to wait long to find out — Apex Legends Season 8: Mayhem kicks off on February 2nd.

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