We can expect the show several years after people have stopped caring about ‘Game of Thrones.’


It’s been nearly two years since the series finale of Game of Thrones aired, and HBO has spent every waking moment since then trying to figure out how to continue making money off of what was arguably the biggest franchise of the past ten years. That includes a potential adult animated series, which is currently in the early stages of development.

As reported by THR, HBO has begun holding preliminary meetings with writers about a potential animated Game of Thrones drama. There’s no indication of what the series would be about, whether it would be a prequel or a sequel, or whether it would include any returning characters from the live-action show. However, it’s important to stress that these are extremely early talks, and that there’s a decent chance an animated GoT series never comes to fruition. HBO certainly isn’t shy about canning their Westeros spinoffs – they scrapped one possible series starring Oscar nominee Naomi Watts after shooting a whole-ass pilot episode, and after famously announcing that no less than five different successor shows were in the works, only House of the Dragon, starring Olivia Cooke and Matt Smith, appears to have survived. (That show will reportedly begin production in the spring, so we’re still unlikely to see any new Thrones content until at least 2022.)

WarnerMedia’s rush to find a way to extend the life of Game of Thrones is completely understandable as every major studio continues to shore itself up with billion-dollar franchises. But the fact is, despite the show being a legitimate worldwide cultural phenomenon, everyone abruptly stopped talking about Game of Thrones after that finale aired. That deeply unsatisfying ending burned a big enough percentage of the show’s fanbase to effectively kill the fandom. Seriously, when was the last time you saw anyone mention the show on social media, other than to point out how weird it is that nobody is talking about it? Whether it winds up being an animated drama or a prequel series about the Targaryens, I think the first Game of Thrones spinoff that finally releases is going to be in for a rude awakening.

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