A uniquely styled Monster Hunter Rise Nintendo Switch console and pro controller have been revealed to release on the same day as the game.

A special edition Nintendo Switch console based on the style of Monster Hunter Rise has been revealed. This is the second type of uniquely styled Switch to be revealed so far this year, not long after the reveal of a red and blue colored Switch based on Super Mario.

There have been a variety of uniquely colored or styled Switches released throughout the console’s lifespan, but having two unique Switch styles revealed in the same month is somewhat unusual. These limited Switches are usually reserved for special occasions, which is why it’s surprising to have two special Switches revealed within a few weeks. Nintendo does release new colored joy-cons by themselves on more occasions though, as they’re easier to release than entire consoles with unique paintjobs.

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This reveal of this new Switch comes from Nintendo of Japan, which has been translated by Nintendo Life. Along with the console, there was also the reveal of a pro controller in the same Monster Hunter Rise style, and the Switch also comes with Monster Hunter Rise. For the time being, it seems that both the console and pro controller are Japan exclusive. The console costs 38,400 yen while the pro controller costs 7,480 yen. Both are set to release on March 26th, with pre-orders beginning on February 27th.

Monster Hunter has been on both Sony and Nintendo platforms. The series debut was on the PS2, but after Monster Hunter Tri released on the Wii, the series stuck to primarily Nintendo consoles for some time. It wasn’t until Monster Hunter World released on the PS4 that the series returned back to Sony, but even that installment was released on other platforms such as Xbox One and PC. Now, Monster Hunter is once again arriving on a Nintendo console in the form of Monster Hunter Rise, but after Rise, the future is unknown for the series.

Whether or not the next Monster Hunter releases on the PS5 or the next Nintendo console, chances are there will be a uniquely colored console release to go along with it. There was a limited PS4 pro released with Rathalos styled on the front of the console to celebrate Monster Hunter World. No matter the generation, there’s a good chance that there will be ways for Monster Hunter fans to deck out their consoles in Monster Hunter style. Soon, fans can have this new Nintendo Switch for themselves along with Monster Hunter Rise on March 26th.

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Source: Nintendo of Japan, Nintendo Life

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