Another MCU movie is officially underway.


Filming has begun on Thor: Love and Thunder, the fourth installment in Thor’s solo Marvel Cinematic Universe arc and the second Thor movie directed by Taika Waititi. Waititi and Thor star Chris Hemsworth confirming they are kicking off filming in Australia on Tuesday. There are no signs yet of fellow Thor 4 stars Tessa ThompsonNatalie PortmanChristian Bale, or the surprise addition of Matt Damon arriving on set, but we should expect that to change in the coming weeks as filming progresses.

Hemsworth announced the start of filming on Instagram this week. The MCU star shared a handful of photos to his account, which includes him posing with Waititi as well as members of the Gadigal and Bidiagal Nation, respectively, as well as members of the Maori community. Hemsworth also included a lengthy caption explaining how he and Waititi began the shoot with what appears to be a land acknowledgment ceremony — a practice Waititi regularly does during public events he participates in.

Hemsworth’s caption begins, “A beautiful start to our shoot today with a ‘Welcome to Country’ ceremony from the Gamay dancers of the Gadigal and Bidiagal Nation and performance and karakia by Maori dancers from Te Aranganui.”

Image via Marvel Studios

He continues, “Indigenous Australians may be just as proud of this country, but many see January 26th as a date signifying the beginning of dispossession, disease epidemics, frontier violence, destruction of culture, exploitation, abuse, separation of families, and subjection to policies of extreme social control. Let’s begin the healing and stand together in unity and support with our First Nations people with solidarity and compassion. Let’s find a date where all Australians can celebrate this beautiful country together.”

It looks like filming plans on Thor 4 are moving along just as expected. Previously, Portman – who will finally be back as Jane Foster before taking up the mantle of Thor — confirmed filming on the new Thor movie would begin in early 2021 all the way back in July 2020. Around that time, Waititi also teased Thor: Love and Thunder as “so insane” and also “very romantic,” two things I absolutely need in the next Thor movie. Seriously.

Thor: Love and Thunder is scheduled for theatrical release on May 6, 2022. Check out Hemsworth’s Instagram commemorating the start of filming below. For more, check out our updated release calendar for the MCU’s Phase Four movies.

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