The story sounds not entirely dissimilar from the plot of ‘Ghost Ship’


A Requiem for a Dream reunion is in the cards, it appears. Fresh off the news that filmmaker Darren Aronofsky will next direct Brendan Fraser in the intense drama The Whale, Deadline now reports that Aronofsky is due to reteam with his Requiem for a Dream star Jared Leto on a thriller called Adrift.

The project is being set up at Blumhouse with Jason Blum producing, and will give Aronofsky the chance to make another contained thriller – albeit hopefully not quite as allegorical as mother!.

Based on a short story of the same name by Koji Suzuki, who wrote The Ring, Adrift takes place on the open sea and follows a fishing boat that discovers an abandoned yacht with a strange distress call. When a deckhand agrees to take control of the yacht solo as it’s towed int port, he discovers why his more experienced crew members called it a “Ghost Ship.”

Leto apparently sparked to the project 10 years ago and has been pursuing it ever since, and nabbing Aronofsky to direct is a huge boon towards making it a reality. Aronofsky will co-write the screenplay with Luke Dawson, and the project already has a number of buyers circling the film.

As mentioned, Aronofsky will next direct The Whale for A24 but that’s another contained drama so it likely won’t take up too much of his time. Filming on that movie begins in March, so it’ll be interesting to see if the Noah filmmaker bangs out two movies in a row. While one could certainly say a number of Aronofsky’s films are horrifying, he’s yet to make a straight horror film and I’m curious to see how closely Adrift might bring him into that territory. Regardless, this is super exciting.

Leto and Aronofsky saw both their careers explode back in 2000 with the release of Requiem for a Dream, so this is a happy reunion for the two. The Oscar-winning actor next stars in the Warner Bros. thriller The Little Things which is debuting in theaters and on HBO Max on January 29th.

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