But will he play the only inflatable boy in town?


Ethan Hawke has joined the cast of Blumhouse horror film The Black Phone, which will re-team the Oscar nominee with his Sinister director, Scott Derrickson, as well as co-writer C. Robert CargillThe Black Phone will also mark Hawke’s ninth collaboration with producer Jason Blum, a creative partnership that also includes The Purge and last year’s Showtime series The Good Lord Bird.

According to Deadline, Hawke joins the only other announced castmember, Anthony Davies, in a film adapted from a short story by Joe Hill. I was kind’ve amused by most outlets noting that the plot is being kept under wraps considering it’s based on a published short story, but then I read the official synopsis for Hill’s The Black Phone and can conclude that, yes, the plot is most definitely still under wraps:

“Imogene is young and beautiful. She kisses like a movie star and knows everything about every film ever made. She’s also dead and waiting in the Rosebud Theater for Alec Sheldon one afternoon in 1945. . . .Arthur Roth is a lonely kid with big ideas and a gift for attracting abuse. It isn’t easy to make friends when you’re the only inflatable boy in town. . . .Francis is unhappy. Francis was human once, but that was then. Now he’s an eight-foot-tall locust and everyone in Calliphora will tremble when they hear him sing. . . .John Finney is locked in a basement that’s stained with the blood of half a dozen other murdered children. In the cellar with him is an antique telephone, long since disconnected, but which rings at night with calls from the dead. . . .”

Sinister debuted in 2012 and almost instantly put Derrickson on the map, becoming a modern-day horror classic that, technically, according to science, is the scariest movie of all time. (We disagree, but it’s still pretty scary!) Since then, Derrickson has gone on to introduce Doctor Strange to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Hawke, for his part, is staying booked and busy with a starring role in Robert EggersThe Northman and a Marvel comic book project all his own with Disney+’s Moon Knight.

The Black Phone is scheduled to begin filming in North Carolina this February. For more on what Hawke is up to, here are some more details on that Moon Knight role.

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