The Action

Action has always been a huge part of the series. Which sequel has the better action set pieces?

The Temple Of Doom’s Action

Okay, here’s where Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom really shines! We have Indy fighting his way out of a club, a trip down a snowy mountain on an inflatable raft, a mine cart chase, a tense scene on a bridge. I mean, when it comes to action, you really can’t fault The Temple of Doom. It has it in spades!

The Last Crusade’s Action

The film starts off with an exciting chase on a circus train, a taut fight on a tank, a motorcycle chase (with a sidecar!). I mean, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is no slouch in the action department, either!

The Action Victor: Indiana Jones And The Temple of Doom

This one is tough, since both are so good, but I’m going to have to give the edge to Temple of Doom. I just really love the dark atmosphere better in which the action takes place. Temple is also super violent, which appeals to the dumb kid in me.

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