Star Trek Online is celebrating its eleventh anniversary by teaming up with The Boys & Girls Clubs of America for the charity Perfect World Level Up.

Perfect World Entertainment, publisher of Star Trek Online, is teaming up with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America to “Level up the Next Generation of Leaders” in celebration of the game’s eleventh anniversary.

The charity initiative, called Perfect World Level Up, will raise funds on Groupees to support Boys & Girls Clubs in their mission to build better futures for youth in America.

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Star Trek Online’s executive producer Andre Emerson offered a statement on the drive, saying, “As a Boys & Girls Clubs alumni, I’m thrilled about the partnership and the Star Trek Online charity drive supporting Boys & Girls Clubs of America.” He added, “My time as a Club kid was an incredible experience that had a huge impact on my life. It’s an honor to have found a way to give back to the organization with the Star Trek Online team.”

Star Trek Online players can participate by purchasing in-game items through Groupees from now through Feb. 7. All proceeds will go to Boys & Girls Clubs of America. Players also have the option of making a donation directly to Perfect World Level Up’s Boys & Girls Clubs page, and anyone who donates $100 or more before Feb. 7 will be entered into a raffle, with five randomly selected winners receiving a Star Trek Online Anniversary Legendary Starship Premium Bundle — including over 20 ships and a variety of other items — and a $250 SteelSeries gift card.

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The list of Groupees bundles available for Star Trek Online is shown below. Quantities for some items are limited and may sell out quickly.

Star Trek Online

Available for all platforms (Steam, Epic Games Store, Xbox One, PlayStation®4)

  • Tier 1 – $2.00 USD

    • Items:

      • Black Alert Tribble

      • Title: Charitable

The mission of Perfect World Level Up is shown below:

Perfect World Level Up is committed to making a positive difference by leveraging its resources to encourage and empower youth to reach their full potential. Through the power of play and the passionate spirit of its employees, the program raises funds and awareness for local and global organizations that help build a more inclusive future. By investing in the next generation, we can all level up together.

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Source: Perfect World Level Up


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