In Resident Evil 7, Ethan Winters’ face was never shown. So, will fans finally get to see his face when Resident Evil Village releases in May?

Ethan Winters was first introduced in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, and he’ll be returning in the eighth mainline entry, Resident Evil Village. In RE7, Ethan’s face was always hidden – and Capcom has gone to great lengths to conceal his face. This has led many fans to question whether or not Ethan Winters’ face will finally be shown in Resident Evil 8. 

Although Ethan Winters was the main protagonist of Resident Evil 7, very little was revealed about his backstory prior to the game. His face is never shown, and a lot of Ethan’s actions (including a decision that results in RE7‘s multiple endings), is left up to players. Resident Evil 8 will surely reveal a bit more about Ethan, but that doesn’t necessarily mean players will get to see his face in the upcoming game.

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Ethan Winters is more of a blank slate character, which means players are supposed to feel like they’re him. So, by keeping Ethan’s personality and face a secret, players are supposed to feel more connected to the character and more immersed in the game. This immersive experience is taken even further by making the stories of RE7 and RE8 viewed from Ethan’s first-person POV. Players are supposed to feel like they actually are Ethan Winters, and showing his face could ruin that. So, will Resident Evil 8 actually reveal his face for the first time?

Resident Evil 8 Probably Won’t Show Ethan’s Face Either

ethan winters face resident evil

Capcom has gone to great lengths to conceal Ethan Winters’ face, sometimes to almost comical proportions. This is most likely an attempt to keep players feeling as if they actually are Ethan. However, it’s Resident Evil, so a major plot twist involving Ethan’s face could always happen in RE8. Overall, though, it seems unlikely Ethan’s face will actually get revealed in Resident Evil Village.

As in Resident Evil 7, Village is a first-person POV game. This shows that Capcom is once again trying to immerse players in the game by making it seem as if they’re actually experiencing these events themselves. Capcom used this same strategy for its RE8 “Maiden” demo on the PS5, in which the title character’s face is never shown and players must piece together the Maiden’s identity. Based on all of this, it’s unlikely Ethan Winter’s face will be shown in Resident Evil 8, either.

Keeping Ethan’s face hidden can make for awkward screenshots or moments, but it’s most likely done so that players can feel like they’re the character. Since Resident Evil 8 is also a first-person POV experience, it’s very unlikely Ethan’s face will be shown in the game – unless, of course, there’s some major plot twist involving his true identity, which is always possible in a Resident Evil game.

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