The reports of Konami’s Games Division’s death have been greatly exaggerated.


Earlier this week, a certain subsection of the Internet declared doom and gloom (mixed in with hope and optimism) for Konami’s Games Division. Some called it the end of an era and mourned the death of iconic franchises; others saw it as a chance for certain games to get a revitalization at other studios … looking at you, Silent Hill fandom, of which I include myself. However, all of the reactions appear to have come too soon, which is why I didn’t cover it yesterday as the story was developing. Konami stepped forward in the hopes of clarifying the picture a bit.

The whole thing started with an internal memo that announced personnel changes and restructuring. (One poor sap was transformed from an officer into an office thanks to a typo.) But the bit that caught the Internet’s attention was this:

We are dissolving the Production Divisions to respond to the rapid market that surrounds us.

Production Division 1 (Dissolve)

Production Division 2 (Dissolve)

Production Division 3 (Dissolve)

That’s really all it said, but it was enough for some folks to jump to the conclusion that Konami’s Games Division was shutting down in a ball of pixelated flames. While that’s certainly still possible, that’s not the company’s standpoint.

Courtesy of IGN, who spoke with a Konami rep, cleared things up:

“The announcement made refers to an internal restructure, with Production Divisions being consolidated. We have not ‘shut down’ our video gaming division… The divisions supervised the Production Departments, which develops the games [sic]…  The Production Departments will report directly to upper management, allowing them to respond quickly to the market.”

In other words, it’s your pretty standard and typical corporate restructuring to move towards “efficiency”, with whatever definition of the word you prefer. So no, Konami is not shuttering their video game division at the moment and don’t appear to plan to in the near future, but if we hear otherwise, we’ll be sure to let you know!

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