Season 2 of Snowpiercer finds Mel making a big plan to save her train, but she may have doomed Layton and Co. in the process.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for “The Time of Two Engines,” the Season 2 premiere of Snowpiercer.

When the first season of Snowpiercer ended, Wilford (Sean Bean) had his train, Big Alice, connect to the Great Engine in order to take it back. He sent Alex, Melanie’s (Jennifer Connelly) daughter, aboard to dictate the new status quo to Layton (Daveed Diggs) and Co., letting them know the big boss was in charge again.

However, he didn’t bet on Mel being outside in the snow trying to ensure they could remain safe and independent. Unfortunately, as much as she believes she’s saved her train in the Season 2 premiere, her actions may have doomed everyone.

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After inviting Mel on board, Wilford is upset that Layton’s rebels tried to raid his train, breaching the borderland and hoping to take Big Alice themselves. It’s all about ego with him, and he makes it clear to Mel he won’t have any of it. Both trains belong to him and if he wants, he can leave Snowpiercer for dead because he controls its motion. But little does he know Mel rigged the decoupling device with a bomb when she was outside.

When Wilford gets fed up with Mel trying to defend her people, he orders Alex to disengage. Mel begs her to stop because it’ll lead to countless deaths and potentially, the end of a world if Snowpiercer can no longer move on its own. This means the citizens will freeze to death as they survive based on the perpetual motion of the engine, which generates power and warmth.

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But this is all a stalling mechanism because, by the time Alex tries to detach, the bomb goes off, leaving both trains stuck together. They need each other to move forward, so Wilford will have to take care of Snowpiercer’s 994 cars, which is now at the head of Big Alice’s 40. Sadly, as much as making them one big train temporarily ensures safety, this does endanger Snowpiercer because of what Wilford has in his arsenal.

He’s already sent the super-soldier Icy Bob to repel and kill a bunch of Layton’s soldiers, and seeing as he can survive in sub-zero temperatures, he’s going to be a problem. It appears Wilford has been conducting experiments using the mad scientists, the Headwoods, aboard his ark’s sinister lab, something he let Mel in on. They even created a gel called “goop,” a synthetic tissue that can heal without leaving a mark, so who knows what other chemicals they’ve been cooking up to enhance soldiers.

One of Wilford’s agents also mentioned Oily Bob, which means his team has been busy while they were waiting to take their original train back. The scary thing is, to this point, Wilford has been on the defensive, but with so many secrets on Big Alice, it’s only a matter of time before he goes on a warpath.

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