1. Ant-Man (Luis)

Last but not least is a seemingly minor role in a big Marvel tentpole film, but doggonit, if Luis isn’t the most endearing, memorable character in the entire film, I don’t know who is.

I want you to think back to both Ant-Man movies. While there are a number of cool action set pieces in both of them, the one thing I vividly remember is Luis’s long-winded stories. And its just that Luis has so much energy and wonder, and it’s like he’s just as shocked as we are at the events that are unfolding in front of him. Honestly, I want a whole movie devoted to Luis, and that’s saying something when a character who is not even the main hero makes you want a whole lot more of him.

Michael Peña is one of those rare actors who can craft magic out of any performance. No matter what he’s in, I’ll watch it. Wouldn’t you? But what are your favorite Michael Peña performances? Leave your thoughts in the poll or the comments section down below.

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