Tide released their Super Bowl commercial for this year, featuring Seinfeld actor Jason Alexander’s face on a teenager’s beloved hoodie.

Tide released an early look at their Super Bowl commercial for this year, featuring Jason Alexander’s face on a hoodie. The comic actor starred in all 9 seasons of the ubiquitous sitcom Seinfeld as George Constanza, which ran from 1989 to 1998. He has since appeared in Seinfeld creator Larry David’s HBO series Curb Your Enthusiasm. Alexander’s most recent roles include appearances in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Young Sheldon, and the Harley Quinn animated TV series.

The Super Bowl will look much different this year. Not only due to attendance being limited to just 22,000 people, but because big brands like Anheuser-Busch, Coke, and Pepsi will be sitting out this Super Bowl and instead donating the money they would have spent on advertisements to coronavirus vaccination awareness efforts. Thus, companies airing commercials this year are tasked with enormous challenges. Tide has decided to go ahead with their campaign, albeit a much simpler one than last year’s which featured former quarterback and Fox NFL Sunday host Terry Bradshaw frantically trying to get a stain out of his white shirt.

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In this year’s Super Bowl commercial for Tide hygienic clean heavy duty detergent, Jason Alexander’s face brings a teenager’s beloved hoodie to life. The 60-second ad, which will air during the game’s second quarter, presents viewers with the many trials and tribulations a hoodie experiences in a day, such as being drooled on by a dog, being sat on, or being stuffed in a sweaty gym bag. Over the course of the day, Alexander’s facial expressions on the hoodie change to express how the hoodie itself might feel. Watch this year’s Tide Super Bowl commercial below:

Similar to many television and film productions since the coronavirus pandemic began, Alexander had to shoot the commercial remotely, communicating with the director via Zoom. Seinfeld fanatics will immediately hear a familiar tune in the ad, the theme song from The Greatest American Hero, which Constanza parodied for his answering machine message in Seinfeld’s Season 8, Episode 15, titled “The Susie.”

Tide’s latest Super Bowl ad is an attempt to be relatable and funny, and it hits the marks reasonably well. Surely many can relate to neglecting to wash their hoodies regularly, while it is also becoming more fashionable to wear clothing with celebrities’ faces on them. Throughout Seinfeld, Alexander’s character was known for being horribly unlucky and the self-proclaimed “Lord of the idiots.” Thus, seeing his face on a hoodie be beaten and battered seems strangely fitting for the character of George Constanza.

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Source: Tide/YouTube

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