Victoria “Queen” Larson posted a fake apology on Instagram for her words and actions on The Bachelor. The series of posts has since been deleted.

Victoria “Queen” Larson gave her best royal attempt at taking responsibility for both her actions and words on The Bachelor. The self-proclaimed queen took to Instagram to talk about the things that happened on the show before later deleting it. Fans have speculated that Victoria was planted on the show by producers to bring more drama and entertainment to the show.

Victoria brought drama to the show since the premiere of the season. On the first night, Victoria interrupted fellow contestant Kit while she was speaking with Matt for the first time. She walked up to the pair before proclaiming her presence, talking down on Kit by calling her a “princess” while referring to herself as a “queen.” Later that night, Victoria interrupted yet another girl to get even more time with Matt. She later stirred up drama with her former roommate Marylynn. Victoria accused Marylynn of bullying her so much so that she had to sleep on the couch. Victoria confronted Matt about the situation before he ultimately decided to send Marylynn home. Victoria also chimed in when the girls were making fun of Sarah Trott for hiding in her room. In a recent interview, Victoria claimed that everything she had said was “all in good fun.

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As fans continue to hate on Victoria, wondering why Matt James is keeping her around, Victoria attempted at an apology on Instagram. She posted a series of Instagram stories on Thursday, trying to explain her actions. It is clear that Victoria’s actions could have been “perceived as bullying.” In the post, Victoria claimed that she takes time each day to reflect on what she had said and done. She admitted to feeling bad if the way she was portrayed on the show offended anyone in any way. The series of posts has since been deleted.

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According to the post, Victoria claimed to have already confronted a few of the ladies from the show each personally in private. She proclaimed, “all women are queens,” despite saying otherwise on the show. Victoria assured fans that “name-calling” in any sense is not right. However, Victoria is ready to move on from the past. She seems to be taking the responsibility for her actions and working on bettering herself. Victoria emphasized that all of her actions and words were in no way meant to in a “malicious” manner. She concluded by sharing her love for her fellow castmates, being appreciative of the journey she had on the show.

Victoria most likely deleted the post due to the negative backlash she received from Bachelor fans. Viewers have been bashing Victoria online not only for her actions on the show but also her old mugshot that recently resurfaced the web. From all of this, Victoria ultimately decided to turn her Instagram account private. It can be assumed that turning her account private only prevented the negative comments so much.

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