Disney Channel recently announced that it has ordered the Blue Demon Jr.-centric superhero comedy series Ultra Violet & Blue Demon.

The Disney Channel announced that it has ordered the superhero comedy series Ultra Violet & Blue Demon, which stars Mexican wrestler Blue Demon Jr. as himself and Bunk’d alum Scarlett Estevez as his niece Violet/Ultra. The series had been previously been given a pilot deal last year by the channel.

Per a synopsis found in its press release, the series begins with Violet being picked by “a magical luchador mask” to become Ultra, “the superhero successor” for her famous uncle Blue Demon Jr. Violet begins to train under her uncle while also dealing with “the ups and downs of middle school,” and Blue starts to realize that he can “learn a few things from Ultra’s modern Gen-Z take on crime-fighting.”

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ULTRA VIOLET & BLUE DEMON – Disney’s “Ultra Violet & Blue Demon” stars Scarlett Estevez as Ultra Violet, and Blue Demon Jr. as himself. (Disney/Mitch Haaseth)

Rounding out the cast are Marianna Burelli and Juan Alfonso as Violet’s parents Nina and Sebastian, Brandon Rossel as Violet’s brother Miguelito, Zelia Ankrum as Violet’s best friend Trudy and Bryan Blanco as Enrique Diaz-Diaz, Violet’s “goody-two-shoes classmate.”

“Blue Demon Jr. is a Mexican cultural icon and we are looking forward to introducing him—and the luchador mythology—to our viewers,” stated Disney Branded Television’s Vice President of Development Rafael Garcia. “With Violet and her family, we also have the opportunity to present an authentic Mexican American family in a series that combines humor and adventure in a unique Latinx shake-up of the superhero genre.”

Starring Blue Demon Jr. and Scarlett Estevez, Ultra Violet & Blue Demon currently does not have a premiere date. The pilot episode was written and executive produced by Dan Hernandez and Benji Samit and directed by Alejandro Damiani.

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Source: Disney Channel

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