PRO: Rebooting Harry Potter Could Add Details, Characters, And Storylines Left Out Of The Movies

Almost every Harry Potter book is a massive tome in its own right, particularly when it comes to children’s literature. While the first two novels are a reasonable length at around 300 pages apiece, each consecutive installment ranges between 435 pages to 870 pages. Certainly, in the process of making two-to-three-hour movies, lots of characters, storylines, and other details were left on the page and/or on the cutting room floor. You can’t blame the filmmakers; they only have so much time to tell their overarching stories. But for many book lovers, there’s always some disappointment whenever certain moments don’t transition from page-to-screen.

If the Harry Potter books were to be turned into a television series, however, that would afford the showrunners with the chance to include said details that didn’t make the cut in the movies. That’s not to say that the show is guaranteed to include each and every side character or plot, but there would be more opportunities to expand the material where the movies fell short.

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