Writer Joshua Williamson confirms that plot elements from Future State: Justice League and Death Metal will be seen in Infinite Frontier.

The next era of the DC Universe comes in the form of Infinite Frontier this March, with an oversized anthology special featuring acclaimed writer Joshua Williamson as a showrunner.

In an exclusive interview with CBR, Williamson hinted that elements of his Future State: Justice League miniseries will carry over to Infinite Frontier along with some unresolved plot threads from the crossover event Dark Nights: Death Metal.

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“With Future State: Justice League, there are things in both issues that were teased for a reason. I think when you look at my Flash run, I don’t tease anything just because. I tease stuff out, I don’t know about four years [like The Flash], but it’s here,” Williamson tells CBR. “There’s definitely stuff in those two issues that are going to be surprising, eventually you’ll see it was planned the whole time. There’s also stuff left over from Death Metal that people will see too.”

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While Williamson noted that not every single element included in Future State will play out in Infinite Frontier, there will be “huge ramifications” from the special that will impact the line moving forward. And with Williamson an expert at playing the long game during his Flash run, many of the clues he’s seeding are poised to have enormous payoffs.

Infinite Frontier #0 goes on sale March 2 from DC.

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