Marvel Comics has revealed the first batch of fashion-themed Women’s History Month variant covers from artist Jen Bartel, set to arrive in March.

This March, Marvel Comics is celebrating Women’s History Month with a series of fashion-inspired variant covers from Eisner Award-winning artist Jen Bartel.

Bartel is drawing a total of eight Women’s History Month variants for Marvel, with the House of Ideas having revealed the first four. Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk stands tall on the variant for Avengers #43, followed by Patsy Walker/Hellcat on Iron Man #7, Cindy Moon/Silk on Silk #1 and Emma Frost on X-Men #19.

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These variants see the various heroes sporting some of their most stylish outfits. “She-Hulk rocks her best 1980s power suit, the timeless Patsy Walker puts her claws away for a chic dress, the always glamorous Emma Frost is dripping in diamonds and Silk puts a modern spin on the traditional,” Marvel writes. Each cover also features a banner listing the year of the starring character’s first appearance (1944 for Patsy Walker, 1980 for Jen Walters and Emma Frost, and 2014 for Cindy Moon).

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Marvel has also announced Women’s History Month variants for Black Cat #4, Black Panther #24, King in Black: Ghost Rider #1 and Spider-Woman #10, which will be revealed at a later date, with the publisher teasing the Bartel’s stylish take on such characters as Felicia Hardy/Black Cat, Shuri/Aja-Adanna and Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman.

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