What Happened At The End Of No Escape

By the end of No Escape, all of Cole’s (Keegan Allen) friends have died, and then he finds his girlfriend Erin (Holland Roden). She’s being tortured by Andrei (Pasha D. Lychnikoff). Cole shoots Andrei but it does nothing. Andrei then shoots Erin in the head, and Cole is locked in a room. While grieving, he notices a way out of the room.

Once he’s free, Alexei (Ronen Rubinstein) is standing there with Cole’s phone recording and taunting him about losing everything. Cole attacks Alexei. Alexei pleads with him and tells him that no one is dead. None of this is real, but in a mad rage, Cole beats his face in and kills Alexei. Then a video starts playing on screens in the warehouse. Everything was fake.

All the people involved in his plan, including Cole’s alive friends, appear. This was a prank to help him celebrate the tenth anniversary of his Youtube success. Seeing Alexei’s dead body, everyone stares at Cole in shock and horror. The film then fades to black on a devastated Cole.

While the credits roll, the audience sees a montage of Cole’s friends planning this surprise, including how they faked all their deaths.

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