In Disenchantment Part 3 on Netflix, Oona continues to prove that she is Bean’s true mother figure.

At the core of Disenchantment are Bean’s incredibly justified issues with her mother — issues that influence nearly all decisions she makes and have likely caused her substance abuse problems. However, just because Dagmar gave birth to her doesn’t make her Bean’s mother. This was a lesson Bean learned too late, but she’s lucky that her step-mother Oona was willing to put in the work to prove she was the mother figure who truly loved and cared about her.

When fans were introduced to the world of Dreamland in Part 1, Dagmar was frozen in stone, and Oona of Dankmire was Zøg’s current queen. Their wedding was part of a peace treaty between the two kingdoms that finally created actual diplomatic relations between them. While their marriage might not have been a loving one in the traditional sense, it did give Bean a younger brother named Derek who she’s learned to tolerate over the years.

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The relationship between Bean and Queen Oona was much more tense than it needed to be. Unaware that her mother was trapped in stone by a potion of her own design, Bean believed Dagmar to be dead. She was incredibly resentful of Oona for trying to take Dagmar’s place, as well as producing a male heir to Zøg’s throne who would eventually supplant her. This all created a barrier between them that neither side tried too hard to overcome.


Eventually, Bean figured out how to free her mother, returning Dagmar to the land of the living. Unfortunately, it didn’t take Bean long to realize that Dagmar was evil and did not have her best interests in mind. That also led her to the realization that Oona was the true mother figure she had been craving all of her life. Seeing Oona as a badass pirate certainly didn’t hurt that assessment, either.

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When the dread Elf pirate Leavo decided to stay in Dreamland with the rest of the Elves, Oona took over as captain of his former ship and leader of the pirates. But a life at sea did not stop her from being there for her kids — Both Bean and Derek — when the need arose. Oona did her best to help Bean when she was growing up and that continues in Part 3.

As Bean unraveled the plot against Dreamland and her father, she started to realize how in over her head she was. Oona came to the rescue, deciding to stay in Dreamland after Derek’s aborted wedding to Sagatha. She realized that Zøg’s mental state had declined to debilitating levels and that he needed her help. More than that, Oona could see that Bean needed her help, too.

The plot against her father and Dreamland appeared to be coming from a variety of angles, both internally and externally. Oona advised Bean on how to proceed by guiding her on how to conduct a counter-intelligence operation. She also gave Bean some pretty powerful Dankmire drugs that opened her mind. While Dagmar has consistently used and abused Bean in almost every interaction, Oona was the one watching her back. She might be a pirate queen, but Oona is Bean’s real mother.

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