Soylent Green

I watched Soylent Green for the first time a few months ago, knowing the film’s twist, which I will not spoil here. However, that did not dampen my enjoyment of the Charlton Heston-led, Richard Fleischer-directed adaptation of the Harry Harrison novel. After watching the film, I wondered why Hollywood had let nearly 50 years go by without an update?

Set in 2022, the world is overpopulated and short on food. Heston, a policeman, is put on the case of a murder of an executive at the biggest synthetic food company.

While our world may not look like the one the film depicts, many of the issues at the heart of the story are prescient issues today. And sci-fi-based stories are often great candidates for remakes because of the opportunity to update the look (1973’s vision of the future still features a lot of disco-like imagery, see above) but the themes remain relevant throughout time.

IMDb shows that a Soylent Green remake is, or was, in development, but there has been little to no news on it.

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