Valiant Entertainment Senior Editor David Wohl reveals a new, science fiction-oriented title is coming to the Valiant Universe.

Valiant Entertainment is positioning itself to have a banner year in 2021, with relaunches of fan-favorite titles like Savage and Shadowman, while the shared comic book universe is poised to grow even bigger.

Senior Editor David Wohl, who began working for the company this past summer, revealed in an interview with CBR that a science fiction-oriented title will be announced by the publisher soon. While details are still under wraps, the title will feature brand-new characters within an unexplored region of the Valiant Universe.

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“Speaking of new projects, I unfortunately can’t talk specifics about the first title I’m working on with Valiant, but I will say that it contains new characters and it’s part of the Valiant Universe, though it takes place in an as-of-yet unexplored area that’s more on the sci-fi side — but it will definitively show itself to be within the shared universe before the end of the first series,” Wohl tells CBR. “The announcement for it should be coming quite soon…”

In the meantime, Valiant relaunches Savage on Feb. 17, with Max Bemis and Nathan Stockman at the helm, while a relaunch of the publisher’s horror-oriented hero Shadowman will be launched by Cullen Bunn and Jon-Davis Hunt this April.

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