Glitchpunk is an upcoming Cyberpunk game that is heavily influenced by the classic GTA games. Here’s an inside look at the promising shooter.

The cyberpunk genre seems to be all the rage in the video game industry these days. Gamers can’t seem to get enough of the futuristic dystopian worlds full of tyrannical governments and ruthless criminal enterprises. Although Cyberpunk 2077 didn’t turn out how many video game fans had hoped, it hasn’t curbed their appetite for the unconventional genre. Thankfully, there are a few upcoming cyberpunk titles in the works, one of the most promising being Glitchpunk.

Glitchpunk is a top-down action shooter that embraces the cyberpunk aesthetic to the highest degree. It is heavily influenced by the classic Grand Theft Auto games and features very similar gameplay.

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The game follows a highly skilled android bounty hunter hellbent on taking down the sinister groups driving the world into ruin. Thanks to its “glitch” ability, the bounty hunter can go against its digital programming, allowing it to dismantle the oppressive government, gangs, and cults plaguing the dystopian society. Players are thrown into various anarchic urban wastelands and must figure out how to stop the tyrannical regimes from destroying the neon-lit metropolises.

Like most cyberpunk titles, every action and encounter will affect Glitchpunk‘s overall narrative. Allowing a gang leader to live may have dire consequences later on in the game. Reversely, showing compassion to a mob boss could influence them to join the bounty hunter’s cause. There are endless possibilities for players to explore, allowing them to carve out their own unique adventure.

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Glitchpunk wears its influence on its sleeve. Fans of the original Grand Theft Auto games (before GTA III) will be right at home with Glitchpunk’s high-octane top-down style. Players will be able to roam the treacherous landscape, stealing cars, massacring gang members and even cause chaos in a military-grade tank. The game is a love letter to the classic GTA titles but innovates its gameplay and setting to make it more appealing to modern gamers.

Although Cyberpunk 2077 failed to live up to its high expectations, it appears Glitchpunk will be able to fulfill gamers’ thirst for the unconventional aesthetic. Its neon-lit world and classic Grand Theft Auto influence look like it will put a unique twist on the cyberpunk genre. While it might not have the budget or graphical capabilities of Cyberpunk 2077, it still looked like a promising action title that shouldn’t go overlooked. Gamers will have to wait and see once Glitchpunk hits Steam on February 3.

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