It’s double the trouble with Reynolds and Ruffalo.


Everyone, say “Thank you” to Ryan Reynolds and Mark Ruffalo, the stars of The Adam Project, who graciously shared new images from their upcoming Netflix movie. In The Adam Project, Reynolds plays a man who must travel back in time in order to help his 13-year-old self (Walker Scobell). The pair must track down their father (Ruffalo), who has all the answers about setting the future right and helping Reynolds’ character complete his mission. The pair are currently filming this twisty time travel action flick in Vancouver. The images shared by Reynolds and Ruffalo over the weekend may be just the newest set of images to emerge from the set of The Adam Project, but they’re our first look at Ruffalo’s character. We also have yet to see images of their co-stars, Jennifer Garner and Zoe Saldana, from the set so keep your eyes peeled, friends.

Reynolds was the first person to share new images from The Adam Project, opting to give fans a sneak peek via his Instagram. The photos shared to Reynolds’ timeline feature he and Ruffalo in character while filming a scene. (Reynolds also shared more images to his Instagram Story, so be sure to check those out while you can.) In the scene, it looks like their car has been busted up, leading to a tense moment between a father and his adult, time-traveling son. Reynolds caption the photo set with a cheeky (as per usual) comment referencing a Hulk-related line from Thor: Ragnarok: “I have a friend from work too. But no matter how angry I make him, he stays the same size.”

Ruffalo also shared a photo from this same scene to his Twitter on Saturday evening. However, the image Ruffalo shared is taken from a different angle. We still see Reynolds’ and Ruffalo’s characters in a heated moment, but it looks like things might be calming down a bit between the pair. Ruffalo also chose a jokey caption to share along with the image, writing, “Passing on the birds and the bees knowledge to my son in #TheAdamProject, @VancityReynolds. He was clearly having a little difficulty following because I was using the elephants and the chickens to try and add some flare to the story of love.”

The Adam Project is coming soon to Netflix. Check out the additional new image shared by Mark Ruffalo below. For more, check out our preview of our most anticipated 2021 movies.

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