The Fantastic Four just found out about a possible way for Doctor Doom to eventually destroy them, and it’s a brutal end to Marvel’s First Family.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Fantastic Four #28 by Dan Slott, R.B. Silva, Jesus Aburtov & VC’s Joe Caramagna, on sale now.

Doctor Doom is one of the most infamous and powerful Marvel villains, having nearly wiped out the entire world on more than one occasion. He’s even turned his greatest loved ones into weapons in his campaign against his enemies. There have been hints that he’ll someday be successful in his mission to defeat and destroy the Fantastic Four, such as the one introduced by the Griever.

In Fantastic Four #28, one of the possible futures revealed by the Griever shows Doctor Doom’s most brutal potential victory, with the entire team having their powers turned against them in lethal ways.

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When the Griever arrived in the modern age, she quickly proved just how deadly she really is. After surviving an attempt to collapse a pocket-dimension on top of her, the Griever tried to incapacitate the Fantastic Four by sticking most of the team (along with Dragon Man) into her Necro-Spheres. These small pockets of time trap the heroes in a time-loop of their own deaths as the sphere force them to relive the experience again and again. Human Torch flies into some of the possible futures to rescue his family, first helping rescue Dragon Man and Thing. After that, the Human Torch flies into Susan’s most likely death scenario, which is revealed to include the deaths of the entire Fantastic Four.

In this scenario, it’s clearly been decades, as a triumphant Doctor Doom reveals he’s been “composing” this final fate for the team for 60 years. Sue is the last of the team still alive in this scenario, surrounded by the bodies of her loved ones. It turns out that this version of Doctor Doom had a similar idea to the Mad Thinker in the recent Fantastic Four: Road Trip one-shot: by amplifying their powers beyond their control, Doom has found a way for the Fantastic Four’s own abilities to go haywire and kill them. As Doom taunts Invisible Woman, the rest of the team can be seen behind him: the Thing has been reduced to lifeless rubble, and all that remains of the Human Torch is a stain of ash on the ground in the shape of his body.

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Another corpse burns behind Doom, which could be Reed’s. Doom confirms he’d already killed Reed by the time he confronted Sue. The Invisible Woman is unable to turn off the force field around her, preventing her from breathing and potentially suffocating her within moments. These are Sue’s worst possible final moments, being taunted by Doom and unable to save anyone she loves. Luckily, the real Human Torch is able to fly in and pull his sister from the Necro-Sphere, giving her the chance to return to her proper place in the timeline. Even if the act is only a possibility, it’s still a haunting way for Doctor Doom to unleash his full wrath against the team and potentially destroy them.

Thing’s demise is reminiscent of his fate in the Old Man Logan universe, where Doom took his remains and constructed a stone throne from them. Doom has always been one of Marvel’s cruelest and fiercest villains, capable of truly unspeakable things if it means gaining even a slight edge over his hated enemies. Now the Fantastic Four can be prepared for such a battle in the future and start making plans for what could happen if Doom’s darkest designs take shape.

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