Just as Enzo and Bonnie seemed to find happiness in the eighth season of the CW’s The Vampire Diaries, an evil Stefan rips out Enzo’s heart.

The Vampire Diaries‘ Lorenzo (Michael Malarkey)–also known as Enzo–never had it easy. Initially an antagonist who becomes more of a hero as the show progresses, Enzo was an orphan who grew up on the streets of England. He was turned into a vampire by Lily Salvatore, seemingly abandoned by his sire and experimented on for over a decade by the Augustine Society. He falls in love with the woman studying him, Maggie James, but Maggie is murdered eventually murdered by Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder). He ultimately befriends Damon, but the vampire leaves him to die when he starts a fire and escapes the Augustines. Enzo’s died more than once, and as soon as things are looking up for him and Bonnie (Kat Graham), he’s killed for good by Stefan (Paul Wesley) when he tries to kill the comatose Elena. Given that death is pretty common in the series, it’s no surprise Enzo didn’t make it to the series’ finale. But why did Stefan kill Enzo in the first place?

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It all starts with the deal Stefan makes with Cade. In the show’s eighth season, Seline kidnaps Lizzie and Josie and plans to sacrifice them to Cade, the ruler of Hell. A desperate Stefan offers himself and Damon as servants in their place and Cade agrees. Cade then asks Stefan to turn off his humanity and become his evil alter ego, the Ripper. The vampire agrees –with the condition that he and Damon will be released from their eternal servitude. Under Cade’s influence, Stefan wreaks havoc on the town before Cade gives him one final task: either kill Elena or kill 100 people. With his humanity turned off and believing that Elena only gets in the way of his relationship with his brother, Stefan decides to kill her rather than 100 people. Unfortunately, this put him right in the path of Bonnie and Enzo.

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Enzo meets Bonnie in Season 5 when he kidnaps Jeremey to use as leverage against the witch. He forces her to cast a locator spell to find a member of the Augustine Society responsible for Enzo’s torture. While their relationship starts off on rocky footing, Enzo turns to Bonnie after he kills himself by having Stefan rip out his heart. Bonnie eventually finds a way to bring him back from the Other Side along with Caroline.

They begin their romantic relationship in Season 7 after Enzo saves Bonnie from the Armory, an organization specializing in the occult. Three years later, the two falls in love, with Bonnie restoring Enzo’s mind after a siren psychically attacks him. As their relationship grows, so do their plans for a family and long life together. Enzo initially offers Bonnie a vial of his blood to turn her into a vampire, but knowing that she is connected to Elena, Bonnie is unsure of how to proceed. She asks Enzo to taste Elena’s blood and become human again, as Elena’s blood contains the cure to vampirism.

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They spend a romantic day together before Bonnie prepares to take some of Elena’s blood to give to Enzo, but everything changes when Stefan arrives to kill Elena. Finding Enzo in his way, Stefan rips out his heart from behind, leaving a devastated Bonnie to find his body after she stops Stefan and injects him with the cure.

Horrified and heartbroken after finding the love of her life dead, Bonnie lets loose an unearthly scream. This creates an alternate dimension where Enzo appears to her and comforts her. He asks her to forgive Stefan, pointing out that he’s also done terrible things in his past while under the influence of a higher power. Enzo knows from experience that the hate will eat Bonnie up inside. Enzo reminds her to appreciate the good things in her life and begs her to remember him when they were happy.

Bonnie eventually loses her connection to Enzo when hellfire threatens the town of Mystic Falls, but in the series finale, Enzo finds her once more. She is preparing to travel the world when his spirit appears to her, telling her that she forgot her passport. Bonnie can’t see him, but she feels his presence and remembers his promise that she’ll never be alone.

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