With Captain Marvel still stuck in yet another dystopian future, Thor’s daughter Brigid rallies the heroes in a way Captain America would love.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Captain Marvel #25 by Kelly Thompson, Lee Garbett, Belén Ortega, Antonio Fabela, and VC’s Clayton Cowles, on sale now.

In “The New World,” Carol Danvers was mysteriously transported to the year 2052. There, she found a dystopian future where most of the Earth was destroyed and where the Avengers were dead. But this dark era was not without its heroes. A group of survivors lead by Emma Frost and Spider-Woman was made up entirely of young new heroes who are the sons and daughters of the Avengers.

Those included Gerry Drew, the son of Jessica Drew, Rhodes, the daughter of War Machine, and Kate Barton, daughter of Hawkeye and Black Widow, among others. And perhaps most notably, the group also introduced Brigid, the daughter of Thor. These heroes joined Captain Marvel in battle as they clashed with the son of Namor and Enchantress, Ove, and his demonic forces, but they were defeated. Now, in Captain Marvel #25, Brigid fights back, and she gets her very own Captain America moment.

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In Captain Marvel #24, Ove revealed himself as a villain, and his monsters, which he can summon thanks to an imprisoned Magik, defeated Captain Marvel and her young superhero allies. Currently, Carol is now Ove’s prisoner, and he intends to use her to perform a spell that will allow him to invade her own time — the present day of the Marvel Universe. Carol is chained up against a wall, unable to do anything as Ove performs his painful spell.

But thankfully, she isn’t alone in this fight. Elsewhere in Ove’s compound, Brigid is also chained in her own cell, but luckily Rhodes uses her phasing abilities to set her free. Brigid rushes to help Captain Marvel, while Rhodes starts freeing everyone else. However, she is only able to free Emma Frost and Gerry Drew before she passes out from the effort of using her powers. Emma tasks Gerry with protecting Rhodes, while she joins Brigid.

The two of them may not be a cavalry, but they are the only ones who can save Captain Marvel from Ove. Brigid leads the charge, rushing into battle while shouting a very confident and decisive “Avengers assemble!” before adding “Even if we only be two!”

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“Avengers assemble!” is the battle cry of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. For years, it has been used primarily by Steve Rogers/Captain America. Over the eras of Marvel history, however, plenty of other heroes used the war cry to call the other Avengers to battle. The line isn’t just a war cry — it’s a symbol of unity, of strength, and of overcoming the odds. It’s an incredibly important part of the history of the Avengers, in all their iterations, from comics to television, and from video games to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Now, Brigid becomes the latest Marvel character to use the battle cry. While she may be using it to assemble only two superheroes, the line’s inclusion is important because it shows that even though most of the world may be destroyed and the original Avengers may be dead, their ideals and their bravery lives on in others. By casting herself as Captain America, Brigid keeps the tradition alive in the year 2052, and she proves that she and her fellow young heroes are Earth’s protectors now.

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