Captain Marvel is in an apocalyptic future and has come face to face with Namor’s son Ove, but she just learned how the King of Atlantis died.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Captain Marvel #25 by Kelly Thompson, Lee Garbett, Belen Ortega, Antonio Fabela & VC’s Clayton Cowles, on sale now.

Captain Marvel is in the future, and her version of “Days of Future Past” might not be as horrific as the X-Men’s, but it is still a world where no one wants to live. This possible future has fallen to a global catastrophe, and the only person who seems to be living well is Ove, the son of Namor and the Enchantress.

Ove invited the time-traveling Captain Marvel and some surviving heroes to visit him at the Citadel by the New York Public Library. It was free of toxins and was a perfect place to live. Quickly, Carol learned that Ove was using kidnapped heroes to keep everything perfect, and then she fell to him as well. However, before her capture, Carol had dinner with Ove, and he explained what happened to his father, Namor.

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However, Captain Marvel #25 reveals that Ove had much more to do with his father’s death than it originally seemed.

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According to Ove, he was born and raised in Atlantis, and they were survivors of the world’s apocalypse. However, as with all societies, some rebels rose against the ruling class. Ove said he watched in horror as Atlantians brutally murdered Namor in front of his eyes. Luckily, Ove and his mother were able to escape Atlantis before their enemies slew them as well and ended up making it to the surface world, where he first found Jolt and realized her abilities could power the entire Citadel.

While it was true that he and Enchantress escaped together and found Jolt to start the new utopia, Ove lied about what happened before that. After Ove left Captain Marvel with his mother, the Enchantress explained what really happened when the world fell. She was trapped on Earth when it happened and had no way to escape. When she came across Namor, the two hooked up, although she doubts there was ever true love between them. Their relationship resulted in a baby, and that was Ove. She then admitted Ove was both the best and worse of her and Namor. That meant bad things for the King of Atlantis.

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The Enchantress then admitted that Ove murdered Namor with his trident, something she says she should have foreseen. She said he might actually believe his story that revolutionaries killed Namor, blocking the murder out of his brain. However, while Amora didn’t love Namor any more than he loved her, she did fall in love with him after his death when he never lifted one hand against his son when he could have saved his own life by doing so. Regardless, Enchantress knew she had no choice and escaped Atlantis with Ove before the Atlanteans could kill them for treason.

With that said, Enchantress said she would not turn on her son. She said he is a monster, but she could never betray him because he is all she has left. This is true even though Ove’s entire plan is to use Captain Marvel to send himself into the past so he can escape the wasteland of the future and conquer and rule the world from before his birth. Namor was one of the most powerful beings on the planet, and his own son took his life before conquering several heroes of his own to create this utopia. It proves how dangerous this villain is and why it is so important for Captain Marvel to make sure he never hurts anyone again.

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