The Fantastic Four each faced possible dark futures with Doctor Doom appearing in one, and showing his hatred towards a certain member.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Fantastic Four #28 by Dan Slott, R.B. Silva, Jesus Aburtov & VC’s Joe Caramagna, on sale now.

On some level, Doctor Doom‘s antagonism towards the Fantastic Four has always seemed rooted in his history with Reed Richards, with the rest of the FF thrown into the mix due to their relationship with their leader. However, Fantastic Four #28 reveals that Doom feels just as harshly towards another member of the Fantastic Four.

The Fantastic Four were in a life-or-death battle against the Griever at the End of All Things. No one knew how to beat this cosmic entity, and Reed was even considering destroying her with the Ultimate Nullifier. However, before they could do anything, the Griever punished them by showing each member one of their possible deaths, and for Susan Richards, the Invisible Woman, it was at the hands of Doctor Doom, who revealed just how much he hated her, too.

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Each member of the Fantastic Four, except for the Human Torch, was shown their possible deaths. For Reed Richards, it was at the hands of the Thing, who claimed Reed deserved to die for what Reed did to him. For the Thing, it was getting slaughtered by the Griever herself. Dragon Man, who replaced Torch at this moment, died at the hands of Diablo. In the Invisible Woman’s vision, she was an older woman by this time and knelt before Doctor Doom. This showed the team eventually fell to their greatest nemesis in their later years. Doom knelt before her and explained it was Sue he hated above all others.

Doctor Doom stood before the dead bodies of the Thing, Reed Richards, and the Human Torch and offered a toast to the “final fate of the Fantastic Four.” He told her he has been working on a toast for 60 years, which puts the FF members roughly near their 80s at the time of their defeat. He then explains that he killed them by increasing all their powers a thousandfold, which destroyed them. For the Invisible Woman, she was trapped in a force field, unable to breathe. He then told her that he saved her for last rather than Reed. Doom then explained that she unmasked Doom oncer in front of the entire world, and he never forgave her for that moment.

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If there is one thing that has defined Doctor Doom’s life, it is his refusal to remove his mask. He either has horrific scars that he worsened by putting the hot mask on too soon to prevent anyone from seeing him, or he has minor scars that his ego makes worse than they really are. The big thing is that he wears the mask and refuses to allow anyone to see the real face beneath that mask.

There was a moment in 2015’s Secret Wars #3 by Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic, where Doom removes his mask for Sue Storm and shows his disfigured face, missing a nose, and his entire face scarred and damaged. Sue wanted him to show his face to the world so he could show them how much he cared for them. Even though this happened in a composite alternate timeline, the fact remains that Doom does not want anyone to see his true face, and Sue, at least once, felt he should never be ashamed of who he is.

Sue and Doom always shared a relationship throughout their history, and it would have to be something truly humiliating for him to consider her the one he hates the most. Yet, that seems to be what will happen, at least if this possible death is in store for the Fantastic Four.

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