While the X-Men have made a new home on Krakoa, the mutant island still holds many secrets, even from the members of X-Force.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for X-Force #16 by Benjamin Percy, Joshua Cassara, Guru-eFX & VC’s Joe Caramagna, on sale now.

When the world’s mutants took refuge in Krakoa, it seemed like the dream finally came true. Instead of living their lives in fear of a general public that hated them, they had a paradise to live in that offered them peace at last. However, the X-Men are still very much in the process of learning Krakoa’s secrets and determining whether or not it’s as safe as it seems. While outside threats always pose a risk, here might be even more danger from the living island itself.

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Outside of the invading forces, the dangerous animals and the newly acquired mutant island of Arakko, some increasingly disturbing aspects of Krakoa have been unearthed in X-Force #16.

Kid Omega in X-Force

The issue started with Beast and Dr. Reyes dissecting a dead body and discussing how Krakoa gives mutants a false sense of security. That was shown upfront when Reyes had a containment force field around the body because the last time she dissected a body in X-Force, she died when the Russian nesting dolls attacked.

Beast mentioned that he always tries to remember that Krakoa is both a protector to the mutants and their destroyer. While dissecting the body, Reyes discovered a parasite. Beast said he wasn’t sure if it was intentional or accidental, and Reyes delivered a terrifying fact. The substance was an offshoot of the island, which could mean Krakoa is still subject to mutations. Beast was fascinated because he considered it a shed tumor that turned into an organic dirty bomb. When the parasite tried to attack Beast, Dr. Reyes’s suspicions were confirmed, and she said that the island needed to be cleared of all infected masses and that the ocean needed to be explored as well.

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Black Tom found no infection on the island itself, which led X-Force to send Wolverine, Forge and Kid Omega into the ocean to explore the infection there.  Something attacked Kid Omega, and he brought up the fact, once again, that he has died one too many times in the last year. Kid Omega then started to monologue. He said one thing that always bothered him about Krakoa was that they trusted the island to do what it was supposed to do, but that everybody has something rotten hidden in them. As he continued,  the rotten thing can take over if you aren’t paying attention. As he finished his thought, creatures attacked the trio.

Namor in X-Force

That’s when Namor showed up and saved them. He was not happy about playing the role of hero and savior to anyone, much less the mutants of Krakoa. He declared that Krakoa had infected everything, and he wasn’t going to let it touch the oceans.

Namor noticed the tumor that Krakoa released and asked a curious question. He asked the mutants to imagine what would happen if it claimed Namor. Would it use him like Xavier is using Krakoa, or is it the opposite: Is Krakoa using Xavier? Namor asked which was the parasite and said it was difficult to tell from his viewpoint. With Beast, Dr. Reyes, Kid Omega and Namor all talking about the dangers existing on Krakoa, one has to believe this is foreshadowing something to come. Krakoa, the long-sought mutant utopia, could actually be deadly to those who have taken refuge there, just as it was when the X-Men first landed on its shores years ago.

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