Alan Tudyk plays the Prince of Darkness as he gains a new personal assistant in Syfy’s original animated series Devil May Care.

Being the Lord of Hell is terribly busy work, and in Syfy’s upcoming original animated series Devil May Care, the Prince of Darkness decides to hire on his own personal assistant.

Syfy has shared an exclusive preview from Devil May Care, premiering Feb. 6 at 12 am EST, as the latest addition to its late-night animation block TZGZ. As a young man named Beans (Asif Ali) arrives in Hell, he learns that he has been hired to work for the Devil (Alan Tudyk), with the demon particularly reveling in the negative effects that Beans bringing his social media expertise unleashes upon his domain.

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From restaurants that only serve different kale-based dishes to devastatingly flatulent cats that prey on Hell’s numerous denizens, this vision of Hell is unlike any other. The series is created by Emmy Award-winning Robot Chicken writer and executive producer Douglas Goldstein.

Syfy launched TZGZ this past September with the original series Magical Girl Friendship Squad and Wild Life. Bolstered by fan-favorite programming like Futurama, the animation block has steadily built up a line of animated series delving into more mature humor across a variety of off-beat premises and memorable characters.

Created and executive produced by Douglas Goldstein, TZGZ’s Devil May Care stars Alan Tudy as Devil, Asif Ali as Beans, Fred Tatasciore as President McKinley, Pamela Adlon as Regina and Stephanie Beatriz as Gloria. The series premieres Feb. 6 at 12 am EST on Syfy.

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