Azula was a recurring villain and arguably the main antagonist to the Avatar series. She was most well known for her cunning, viciousness, ability, and above all, remorseless ambition at whatever the cost. The prodigious role she played in the story nearly cost the Avatar everything on multiple occasions, with further reaching consequences on a global scale.

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Accordingly, she has committed many atrocities in the name of her own goals (or merely to satiate her sadistic appetite). By identifying the worst things she has done, we can fully appreciate how beyond redemption the former Fire Nation princess actually is.

10 She Helped Ozai On The Day Of The Comet

While assisting Ozai in general may be terrible enough of a crime, Azula agreed to secure the Fire Nation itself during the day of Sozin’s Comet. She was fully aware of her father’s intentions to commit genocide on the Earth Nation, snuffing it out similar to how he had obliterated the Air Nomads.

This makes her a utility to one of the worst crimes in the Avatar universe since she is a willing accomplice to her father’s atrocities. It makes her redemption far less plausible than Zuko’s.

9 She Destroyed A House Party

When Azula’s friends were offered to attend a house party, she was begrudgingly invited along with them. Despite the (surprisingly earnest) effort she made to socialize and talk to boys, her attempts to ingratiate would ultimately be futile since she could not staunch her chaotic tendencies.

Unable to properly mingle with the others, she convinced her friends to destroy their host’s house instead. Ironically, this would justify their choice to keep their distance from her in the first place, proving every preconception they had about the Fire Nation princess correct.

8 She Tried To Break The Walls Of Ba Sing Se

Having besieged the Earth Kingdom for decades with little result, the Fire Nation had all but abandoned their conquest of Ba Sing Se. Azula, unfortunately, did not – she volunteered to lead an attack through a massive drill she would target against the walls.

Should she have been successful, the subjugation of those who dwelt behind the border would have been accelerated. Considering that many of them had no idea there was a war to begin with, it would have been particularly tragic – a fact that Azula would relish in.

7 She Hunted Aang Into Exhaustion

Aang furious with Sandbenders

After the failures of Zhao and Zuko, Azula had taken their place in hunting the Avatar. Immediately, she found more success than her predecessors; by following Appa’s trail of hair, she was able to pursue Aang for days on end.

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Constantly on the run, the Avatar was exhausted by the time his stalkers had finally caught up to him. Katara and Sokka were defeated by Azula’s allies, and her persistence nearly resulted in Aang’s own capture. Nonetheless, his perseverance in spite of his fatigue illustrated the nascent potential at his fingertips.

6 She Coerced Ty Lee Into Helping Her

Despite Ty Lee’s bubbly disposition, she did not entirely join Azula by choice. Intrigued by her gymnastic prowess, the Fire Nation princess sought to recruit her from out of the circus she was performing in.

Initially, she was reluctant to leave the troupe; they had taught her well, and she was among people similar to herself. However, after Azula had rigged her performance to make it monumentally more dangerous, she would eventually capitulate to her “ally’s” demands. Their friendship was one built on fear, not trust, and that was a factor that would sabotage the antagonist’s efforts later in the story.

5 She Shot & Severely Wounded Aang

When Aang and Katara were being overwhelmed by Zuko, Azula, and their newfound Dai Li allies, the only reprieve for the heroes was if the airbender entered the Avatar state. He attempted this and was nearly successful in purchasing his friends their freedom.

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However, Azula struck him before he could fully transform. This prevented him from saving the day and dealt one of the most serious wounds Aang would ever sustain throughout his entire life. If Iroh had not intervened, the story would have had an abrupt and brutal end.

4 She Turned Against Her Own Friends

During Zuko’s heroic escape from the Boiling Rock, it seemed as if all hope would be lost. The warden was willing to let himself die in order to preserve his perfect record of having no prisoners escape. To save her beloved’s life, Mai (and later Ty Lee) would turn against Azula.

Instead of reflecting on the morality of her actions and whether or not she had mistreated her friends for them to act this way, the Fire Nation princess demanded immediate and decisive retaliation.

3 She Betrayed Long Feng

Long Feng Avatar Villain

With her efforts in directly conquering Ba Sing Se foiled, Azula knew a subtler approach was necessary if she were to find success. Accordingly, she conspired with Long Feng, the conniving leader of the Dai Li, in order to topple the current anemic monarch.

However, since Long Feng was supposed to keep close proximity to the king, he could not properly survey his own agents. As a result, by the time Azula had actually taken the throne, she ordered his former minions to turn against their master.  It was a display of ruthlessness that evinces her as Ozai’s daughter.

2 She Gloated Over Zuko’s Disfigurement

Azula was cruel regarding her brother’s disfigurement. Immediately after his fateful Agni Kai against his father, she smirked and gloated alongside Admiral Zhao at his physical and mental scarring.

Azula’s abuse would not stop there. When introducing herself to Aang, she covered half of her face, mocking Zuko’s marred likeness. This demonstrates an unusually excessive prejudice for her brother, one which was spurred by the threat she feels in him taking Ozai’s throne once their father inevitably passes away or otherwise steps down from office.

1 She Cheated During The Agni Kai Against Zuko

Azula defeated

Once Zuko had finally returned to the Fire Nation, he challenged its new monarch, Azula, to an Agni Kai. Unwilling to back from any contest issued by her sibling, she accepted without hesitation.

During their duel, Zuko got the upper hand on her, especially since she knew he could redirect her lightning, therefore turning the woman’s finest weapon against her. To circumvent this, she attacked Katara – a bystander to the duel – correctly anticipating that Zuko would sacrifice himself in order to save her. Were it not for the waterbender’s tenacity and resilience, she likely would have murdered them both.

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